Chatty Cats: Cheap, Cute and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone in the US had a nice Labor Day. It was hot here over the weekend – and the heat continues this week. But the cats aren’t bothered by it, so that makes me happy. They’re happy, I’m happy. And we hope you’re happy too.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Cheap Mama

Harley: How’s my fluff?
Mama: Floofy.
Harley: It feels kind of off today.
Mama: How so?
Harley: Like maybe I didn’t use enough conditioner.
Mama: So you’re the one using my conditioner!
Harley: Can you stop buying the cheapo stuff? Then I wouldn’t have to use so much. Oh, and we’re also out of frizz ease.

handsome siamese mix cat

Big Stretch

Mama: Good nap?
Woodrow: Gooooooood nap.

Serious Sophie

Mama: A rare moment of Sophie looking serious.
Sophie: It’s a serious moment.
Mama: Why?
Sophie: I’m seriously wondering where my purse is.
Mama: Still can’t find it?
Sophie: I think we all know the answer to that.
Mama: That’s too bad.
Sophie: The good news is I can finally buy a new purse.
Mama: And you won’t lose this one?
Sophie: I think we all know the answer to that.

pretty white cat with blue eyes

When You’re Too Cute

Mama: Smile!
Dexter: No photos on Labor Day!
Mama: I already took it.
Dexter: How do I look?
Mama: Like…grumpy cute?
Dexter: I suppose that’s acceptable. I’d prefer just grumpy.
Mama: It’s your own face betraying you.
Dexter: Darn my cuteness!

tabby cat reaching paw out toward camera

Big Yawn, Tiny Teefs

Olive: ∗yawwwwwn∗
Mama: 📸
Olive: You better delete that.
Mama: I better post it?
Olive: Grrrr.
Mama: 📸
#expectpayback #teenytinyteefies

Snackies Negotiated

Harley: Mama, I’m hungry.
Mama: Snackies are in 30 minutes.
Harley: Oof. Can we speed that up?
Mama: If I feed you early today, you’ll want me to feed you early tomorrow.
Harley: And then every day after that.
Mama: Exactly.
Harley: Good, we’re agreed then.
#snackienegotiations #goodthinghescute

siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Mean Mama

Woodrow: Mama, turn it down!
Mama: Turn what down?
Woodrow: All the noise outside!
Mama: Those are asphalt workers.
Woodrow: And…?
Mama: And that’s out of my control.
Woodrow: You could at least ask them.
Mama: I’m pretty sure they won’t listen.
Woodrow: ∗tsk tsk∗ Not even gonna try. I bet you’d ask for Dexter.
Mama: I probably would. He’s my favorite.
#meanmama #onlyjoking

cute tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photos

I did a little reorganizing during the week and moved the cat costumes to a new drawer. Sophie found it and pulled out a bunch of the items for me to find one morning.

New rule! Any clothes she pulls out, she has to model. Here she is as a strawberry vampire.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Cheap, Cute and More!

  1. Strawberry vampire is a great combo – a bit of naughty with some nice! Harley should be in politics with that negotiating skill he has………..LOL Happy Friday and weekend.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Seriously, that is the cutest strawberry vampire I’ve ever seen – MOL! Olive, your toofie photos are uber-cute! Everyone is awesome this week as usual, enjoy your weekend all.

  3. olive…foto…rite…iz total lee reel lee soooper awesum lee epic lee kewl !!!!!

    grate chatz again thiz week guyz :)

    { sophie I purrsonally hope you get not one new handbag but 72 with hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  4. Ooh, a strawberry vampire, the most dangerous kind of vampire. They lure you in with their sweetness and then they put the bitey on you! I love all your cat chats, I follow on Instagram. Have a good weekend!

  5. Nice stretch Woodrow. I love that rule about costumes- cutest strawberry vampire ever. :) Have a nice weekend. XO

  6. WHAT?!?!?! You’d ask for DEXTER and NOT Woodrow?!
    [to the side: “Wait … she’s kidding? Are you sure? Like sure SURE?!?”]
    Okay. Momma says your Mom is kidding, but I’d ask for you, Woodrow. You could always do a Bear and sit in the window with such a dirty look that any such nonsense stops. ~Ellie Mae
    ps – HI, WOODROW!!!!!!

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