Chatty Cats: Pennies, Predicaments and More!

Happy Friday! This week went by relatively quickly, which was nice – faster to get to the weekend! It started off with a vet appointment for Harley, which you’ll see below. But other than that, just another average week in the Chatty Cats household. We hope you had a great week.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Do Not Disturb

Mama: There you are!
Sophie: Go away, I’m hiding in the closet.
Mama: Can I join you?
Sophie: Get your own closet.
Mama: This is my closet.
Sophie: … Get your own shelf.

white cat with blue eyes in closet

Got It!

Woodrow: ∗scratch scratch scratch∗
Mama: Got it?
Woodrow: ∗purr∗
Mama: Got it.

tabby cat scratching

The Yawn

Uh oh…it starts with the tortie trying to suppress it, but she quickly realizes a yawn has taken hold. Photo 3 is this daring girl’s last attempt to rein it in. But that’s not happening. She gives a tiny tortie roar in photos 5 and 6, showing her displeasure that she couldn’t contain it. Photo 7 finally sees the yawn come to a close – and then – what’s that? A teensy giggle and a grin. Olive hopes her ladylike status remains intact. And with that, she wishes you a Happy Sunday.
#epicyawn #tinyteef

Good Student

Harley: Give it to me straight, Mama. How’d I do?
Mama: Excellent!
Harley: I knew it. All that studying and exam prep paid off!
Mama: You studied and prepped for your vet exam?
Harley: Doesn’t everyone?

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Harley had a kidney values recheck today for his chronic kidney disease. Overall, the vet is happy with his values, but she’s very happy that he’s gained a bit of weight. Yay, Harley! So for now, our routine remains the same until his next recheck in a few months.

No Pennies!

Mama: Penny for your thoughts.
Dexter: Nah.
Mama: Huh?
Dexter: Mama, it’s 2021. A penny can’t buy anything.
Mama: Okay, but…
Dexter: A nickel. No less!!

handsome tabby cat with green eyes

Photo Proof

Sophie: Mama, I may require your assistance.
Mama: May?
Sophie: I likely require your assistance.
Mama: Likely?
Sophie: Put the camera down and help me!
Mama: Just one more. 📸

white cat in curtain predicament

Sophie opens these curtains daily that are blocking off a section of the closet so she can hang out in there. Occasionally, her claws get stuck. Today she rolled herself over while stuck and created this little predicament. Don’t worry, she can unhook herself – she just likes to look helpless to ensure maximum sympathy from her interweb friends. (Don’t encourage her!!)

Perfect Perfect Woodrow

Woodrow: How’s it look?
Mama: Your belly looks super clean.
Woodrow: And my tail?
Mama: Perfect.
Woodrow: I think I’ll keep going. It’s not perfect perfect yet.
Mama: I see what you mean. ∗whispering∗ No I don’t.

tabby cat grooming

Bonus Friday Photos

Sophie loves her Dexter.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Pennies, Predicaments and More!

  1. Awwwww……Dexter and Sophie in “double shrimp” position so sweet. Glad to hear Harley gained some weight and the doc was happy with his values. Looks like you all are ready for the weekend! Have a good one….

    Hugs, Pam and teddy too

  2. You are all so very sweet but we love a white kitty Sophie and you are really cute. Woodrow I kept my fur sparkling too, great job my friend. Harley you are one smart kitty and great job on those tests. Olive you really tried but when they have to sneak out they really do. Dexter a nickel buys a good bit of Nip these days wanna share?
    All so loveable and great photos Purrs friends

  3. Oh Olive, you have started me yawning too! Glad you had good results fro your vet visit, Harley.

  4. Congrats Harley! Glad the vet trip went well. I love the photo of Sophie stuck, too funny. And Olive, you made me yawn. Have a nice weekend. XO

  5. Harley, good job with the test prep, dude! We are glad you aced your exams. :)

    Olive, didja know yawns are contagious? ::yawn::

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