Chatty Cats: Certificates, Pretendsies and More!

Happy Friday! The big news here this week is that Three Chatty Cats won five Certificate of Excellence awards from the Cat Writers’ Association. We’re very excited that every one of our entries earned a certificate!

Here are the categories: Social Media (Entertainment), Blog (Entertainment) and Single Image Photography (three photos entered).

We’re beyond thankful and so excited. And a big congratulations to all of the COE winners!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Only Pretendsies

Mama: Why so glum?
Sophie: You’re leaving us again.
Mama: Only for the day.
Sophie: It feels like a lifetime.
Mama: Aww, did you miss me yesterday?
Sophie: Ha! Don’t make me laugh.
Mama: Then why are you sad?
Sophie: This is pretendsies sad. I’m trying to make you feel guilty.
Mama: It’s not working.
Sophie: Drat. You’re impervious to my pretendsies.

sad white cat with blue eyes

Pillow Specs

Woodrow: Mama, will you bring me a pillow?
Mama: Sure.
Woodrow: Medium firmness, maximum fluffiness.
Mama: You’ll get what you get.
Woodrow: Okay. As long as it’s medium firmness, maximum fluffiness.

sleeping tabby cat

Mom Jokes

Harley: Howdy, Mama.
Mama: Don’t you mean meowdy?
Harley: …
Mama: What? ∗smiles∗
Harley: ∗frowns∗

cute siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Weekend Cleanup

Dexter: What did you do this weekend? You need a bath!
Olive: Rude! … A little to the left, please.

Tummy Tuesday

Mama: Sophie, really?
Sophie: What?
Mama: I can’t see beyond your pouch.
Sophie: Gasp! It’s all fluff, Mama!!
#fluffyprimordialpouch #workingfromhomewithcats

white cat stepping on laptop

Confused Someone

Mama: Someone looks comfy.
Woodrow: Someone is.
Mama: Too bad they’re in my spot.
Woodrow: Too bad they’re not moving.
Mama: …
Woodrow: ∗whispering∗ Mama, we’re talking about me, right?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Mmkay. Sometimes someone gets confused.

comfy tabby cat

Where’s Harley?

Mama: Harley?
Harley: Yeah?
Mama: Harley!! I can’t see you!
Harley: I’m here, Mama!
Mama: Where?
Harley: Behind all this floof!

closeup of cat fur

Bonus Friday Photos

Here are the three photos I received a Certificate of Excellence for (click to enlarge).

Sophie – Cozy Cat

white cat hiding in sweatshirt

Dexter – Handsome with Food Speck

handsome tabby cat with food on nose

Harley – The Slurp

siamese mix cat licking cheek

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Certificates, Pretendsies and More!

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for capturing those cats in their “moments” and getting the awards. No doubt the gang will demand their own copies of those certificates when you get them….LOL

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I love your award-winning photos, but especially the one was Sophie. It looks like a glamor shot. Dexter, I finally figured out that you’re Casanova. Both the ladies love you. Aren’t you lucky?! To floof or not to fluff? Harley, that is the question. Sophie, your primordial pooch fluff is perfection. Flaunt it.

  3. GUYZ….. !!!!!!! how total lee KEWL is that….tell yur mom we said congra rats on her certificatz….way AWESUM !!! we hope thiz meenz ewe get sum treetz, cash monee, a few dozen new toyz, sum cash monee and sum cash for helpin her :) ♥♥ grate conversayshunz again thiz week :) ♥♥

  4. We so like dropping by to see what you are all up to as it is always such fun, You are all so sweet and we are so happy that your photos that got certificates of excellence on! Grand!

  5. Spectacular new, congratulations – well earned!! Love you kitties today, you’re cute and sassy as ever.

  6. That was supposed to be ‘Spectacular news’, not new … the cats distracted my spell check – MOL!

  7. Dexter and Olive are so cute together. And Sophie,you fooled me. You look so sad that I thought you lost a purse or something. Congratulations on all those well deserved certificates! I bet some muse medallions will be coming your way too. XO

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