Chatty Cats: Dinners, Lookouts and More!

Happy Friday! Ross and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday. 20 years together, 16 years married. I’d say we like each other. Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Adorable Woodrow

Mama: Squee!!!
Woodrow: What’s dat for?
Mama: Your cute little mouth!
Woodrow: My mouf is cute?
Mama: The cutest!
Woodrow: Squee!!!
Mama: What’s that for?
Woodrow: My cute little mouf!

cute tabby cat with cute mouth

Fancy Box Dinner

Olive: Mama, can I have dinner in my box?
Mama: Sure.
Olive: Thanks. I’ll have some cheesy scalloped potatoes and lemon herb couscous to go with my filet mignon.
Mama: You’re funny.
Olive: And don’t forget my S.Pellegrino.

cute tortie cat in box

It’s Called Sunday Funday, Right?

Mama: Dexter, what’s up with Sophie?
Dexter: What do you mean?
Mama: She has that look…Sophie, what are you planning?
Sophie: Well, I’ve narrowed it down to two things. One involves velcro and the other involves a frozen potato.
#sundayswithsophie #sundayfunday

white cat and tabby cat

On the Lookout

Mama: Cutie patootie alert!
Harley: Okay, I’ll be on the lookout.
Mama: Okay, you do that.
Harley: I said I would! I’m on it!

adroable siamese mix cat

Bored Buddies

Woodrow: I’m bored.
Mama: You look bored.
Woodrow: I am bored.
Mama: You look it.
Woodrow: Good.
Mama: Great.
Woodrow: What are you doing?
Mama: ∗whispering∗ I’m also bored.

bored looking tabby cat

Poor Sophie

Olive: OMG, did you hear what Sophie did?!?
Mama: No, what?
Olive: Oh, I was hoping she did something.
Mama: Why?
Olive: To make my thing less bad.
Mama: What did you do?
Olive: Um, let’s wait until Sophie does something first.

yawning tortie cat

Cat Sitter Life

Dexter: Who are you?
Cat Sitter: Don’t you remember me? I’ve been here numerous times.
Dexter: I don’t remember if I remember you.
Cat Sitter: Well, I’m just stopping in to check the litter and feed you.
Dexter: That is acceptable. You may proceed. And tell my mama she’s not welcome back.
Cat Sitter: She’s only out for the day.
Dexter: My message still stands.

tabby cat sitting on desk

Bonus Friday Photo

I wonder what they’re looking at.

tabby cat and white cat looking down at floor

Have a wonderful weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Dinners, Lookouts and More!

  1. Happy anniversary mommy and daddy! I hope the babies celebrated it properly with you. Harley, did you ever find that cutie patootie? Maybe that’s what Sophie and Dexter were looking at. You should ask them. Woodrow, you do have the cutest mouf, and Olive has the best taste for dinners.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your 16th-a-versary! The cats managed to look adorable for yet another week – love the dynamic duo looking over the edge of whatever they’re on top of – eyes on a bug? One of the other cats? Cute! Actually all the photos are cute but that is something your followers can rely on ! Happy weekend.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Such cute photos of everyone. I wonder what goes through your mind Sophie- velcro or a potato??? Tell us more. And Olive, I hope your filet mignon was done just right. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  4. Squee! That is for your cute little mouth too, Woodrow. I think that is wishful thinking, Olive. Not only that but you are such a gossip!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I think Sophie and Dexter are looking at a Sophie’s experiment with the Velcro and the frozen potato.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Yes, we’d say you two like each other. :)

    “Bored buddies” MOL. we can so relate.

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!!! My husband and I also celebrated number 16 (but it’s a second marriage for both) on June 24 and we are also together 20 years!! But we DON’T like each other! HA!!!!!!

  8. happee bee lated two yur mom and dad guyz and heerz ta 160 mor !!!! hope ther day total lee rocked and hope dad buyed mom a 2022 porsche…. compleet with moon roof and surround soundz….. and hope mom getted dad a sooooper swell tie :)

    heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez

    { we iz goin with …. ya seez a frozen spud on de floor ;) !! ♥♥

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