Chatty Cats: Tummies, Cheesy and More!

Happy Friday! We’ve had a nice cool week here (for a change), so we’re sending cooling thoughts to all of those in the midst of heatwaves – especially to those who are not used to it and don’t have AC. We also hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July! (Can you believe it’s already July?)

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Handsome Happy Dexter Day

Mama: Whoa, is today Handsome Happy Dexter Day?
Dexter: It’s June 25th, right?
Mama: Yep.
Dexter: Then yes.

smiling handsome tabby cat

It’s so interesting how sometimes in certain lighting Dexter’s one eye appears blue. This photo from today was taken in natural light – the only light is coming in through the window. He’s so adorable (says the biased mama).

Translation Required

What’s Harley saying?
A. I’m hungry.
B. The litter is full.
C. You’re in my spot.
D. Sophie found her purse!

Lip-Smackin’ Good

Mama: What’s up?
Sophie: ∗lick∗
Mama: Done?
Sophie: Almost.
Mama: One more…
Sophie: ∗lick∗ Got it!

Tummy Time

Woodrow: Mama, what time is it?
Mama: Why?
Woodrow: I need to know if I’m hungry.
Mama: Well, are you hungry?
Woodrow: I don’t know. What time is it?
Mama: Three.
Woodrow: Yes, I’m hungry.
Mama: But now it’s three oh one.
Woodrow: Oh, I’m not hungry anymore.
Mama: You’re weird.
Woodrow: Wait, I’m hungry again. Is it three again?
#hungryoclock #thelovabledumdum

goofy tabby cat

Cheesy Olive

Mama: Say cheese!
Olive: Cheese!!!
Mama: Perfect.
Olive: Fanks.

Who’s Next?

Mama: Been head-bonking things again?
Harley: What are you, psychic or something?
Mama: Or something.
Harley: Want one?
Mama: Of course.
#headbonkingharley #thathairpart

siamese mix cat with hair part

Thinking Thursday

Dexter: Mama, today is Thinking Thursday.
Mama: Is that a thing?
Dexter: I think so.
Mama: You think so or you know so?
Dexter: Mama, it’s not Knowing Thursday.
Mama: You’re weird.
Dexter: You think so?
Mama: I know so.
Dexter: Mama!!

handsome tabby cat with green eyes

Bonus Friday Video

I shared this on Instagram Stories yesterday. He’s such a good boy.

Stay safe, everyone!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Tummies, Cheesy and More!

  1. Gosh – tough to know for sure what Harley is saying but my guess is that SOMEONE was in his spot on the bed! We all live in hope that one day Sophie will find one of her many purses. Hope all of you have a QUIET 4th!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. guyz…a happee anda safe 4th two ewe all; we N joyed thiz weekz post and even tho we canna heer de mooveez, harley we can see yur movveez… sew pawz UP { bad sound card on de pea sea }

    sew we think ewe be saying: D, C, A , B ;)

  3. Wonderful chats! Harley, you’re quite the video star and I think you were saying you’re in my spot. Olive, good cheese job girl!

  4. Trying to get the proper cat eye colour in the eyes to photograph is very tricky and I usually fail at that, but your closeup faces and eyes look so very very lifelike. That is quite a cheesy grin on Olive!

  5. Thank you for making me laugh my a–s off as always. I adore Harley’s vocalizations and well, it looks like we have a new day to celebrate in Handsome Dexter Day. Happy 4th of July to you and the kitties from Pamela and Samantha.

  6. You are all adorable, but Olive, you are the photo winner this week. Hope you all have a happy 4th! Xo

  7. Harley has speedy feet! Dexter has a lovely smile for Handsome Happy Dexter Day.

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