Chatty Cats: Chomps, Boredom and More!

Happy Friday! We’re having a little heat wave here in Southern California. So far, no rolling blackouts in our area. We are very thankful for our AC this week. How was your week?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Curious Cat

Sophie: Mama, what’s in your hand?
Mama: Nothing.
Sophie: Let me see.
Mama: I said nothing.
Sophie: Let me decide.
Mama: ∗opens hand∗ Empty.
Sophie: Where’d it go?
Mama: ∗sigh∗ Maybe check your purse.
Sophie: Mama!!

curious white cat

Chomping Cat

Olive: The mighty lioness stumbles across a patch of grass. She takes a sniff. Is the grass worthy of this lioness’ taste buds?
Mama: You’re weird.
Olive: ∗chomp∗ Yes. The grass is worthy.

Check-in Cat

Oh, hi. How’s your Sunday going? Hmm? Well, how is it going?

close up of tabby cat

Stubborn Cat

Harley: It’s hot today! Can you turn down the sun?
Mama: Maybe don’t sit in a sunpuddle.
Harley: I sit where I want to!

siamese mix cat sitting in sun

Closeup Cat

Dexter: Mama, why are you always posting closeups of Woodrow but not me?
Mama: Here, I’ll post one.
Dexter: That’s too close.
Mama: It’s called a closeup.
Dexter: I don’t like it.
Mama: I love it.

close up of cute tabby cat

Bored Cat

Sophie: I’m bored.
Mama: Play with your toys.
Sophie: Boring.
Mama: Play with Dexter.
Sophie: Boring.
Mama: Read a book.
Sophie: Do you even know me?
Mama: I’m out of ideas.
Sophie: S’okay. They were boring anyway.

bored white cat

Lazy Cat

Mama: Get the toy!
Woodrow: Pass.
Mama: Come on, get it!
Woodrow: You get it! It’s too hot outside.
Mama: You’re inside and the AC is on.
Woodrow: Just let me be lazy, Mama!

goofy tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photo

Comfy Cat

white cat relaxing

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Chomps, Boredom and More!

  1. Great photos as always…….hope the rolling blackout thing is short-lived if it happens. We see the drought situation is really BAD as well. Stay comfy as you can – the cats sure know how to do that – we humans could take a lesson!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Dexter, you and Woodrow both take lovely close ups. Let it all hang out, Sophie!

  3. I hope that, like me, you’re not hitting above 85°. Even with that, no a/c + humidity = cat puddles everywhere… they, like me, don’t want to move!

    LBK has decided to return to being an outdoor only cat, and super sketchy about letting me pet her.

    The kittens turned 10wks old today. They’re still too light to be fixed by the local clinic (min 3 lbs). Momma is supposed to go on Thu but, even though she spends nearly every night indoors and lets me pet her, I’m having serious doubts about being able to get her in a carrier.

  4. Love Sophie’s photos this post especially with the legs up! Dexter is really good at closeups. We are not. We are hoping the wind does not blow your heat up to us as we don’t like it! So far so good.

  5. I love close-ups of you kitties. I want to snorgle your tummy Sophie. Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  6. Sophie looks SO comfy. And Harley, we hear you … you gotta sit where you want to sit. But hey, you might wanna try sitting by the cool air blowy thingy. It’s awesome!

  7. Olive – You need to speak with your typist. We are sure that a mighty lioness would never stumble across grass. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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