Chatty Cats: Napkins, Pizza and More!

Happy Friday! We had a nice week here, spending Memorial Day with family. We saw friends over the weekend – a nice bit of returning to normalcy. We hope everyone had a nice week, and we wish you a wonderful weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Sophie’s Find (not her purse)

This girl sure does know how to make an entrance. (Volume up!)

Poor Steve

Mama: Bird watching?
Olive: Pizza delivery watching.
Mama: What’s the latest?
Olive: The Franklins got two veggie pizzas and no pepperoni! Can you believe it?!?
Mama: The horrors.
Olive: I’m gonna write them a letter.
Mama: Please don’t.
Olive: Yeah, I’m judging you, Steve!!
Mama: Sorry, Steve. ∗shuts window∗

pretty tortie looking out window

Do Not Disturb

Woodrow: Mama, hold still!
Mama: My feet are asleep.
Woodrow: Not my problem.
Mama: You’re on my feet.
Woodrow: Does it look like I care?
Mama: ∗wiggle wiggle∗
Woodrow: I’m not moving.
Mama: ∗wiggle wiggle∗
Woodrow: I can do this all night, Mama.
#catmomlife #donotdisturbthecat

disturbed tabby cat

Always Adorable

Mama: 📸
Harley: Is it blurry?
Mama: Yes.
Harley: But adorable?
Mama: Also yes.
#blooperharley #crosseyedcat
Sorry, I have a love of extreme closeups. Most are blurry, but I still find them adorable. 😊

cute closeup of siamese cat

Too Deep for Mama

Mama: Whatcha thinking about?
Dexter: Something deep.
Mama: Can you share?
Dexter: It’s too deep, Mama. It might blow your mind.
Mama: Try me.
Dexter: I can’t, better safe than sorry.
Mama: You’re thinking about treats, aren’t you!
Dexter: Deep treats.
Mama: Huh? That makes no sense.
Dexter: See, it’s too deep. I tried to tell you.

handsome tabby cat deep in thought


Sophie: Gimme dat!
Mama: Say please.
Sophie: Please gimme dat.
Mama: Why do you want it?
Sophie: To put it in my purse.
Mama: Oh, so you found it.
Sophie: To put it in my purse later.
#whiskerwednesday #thecaseofthemissingpurse

white cat playing with cat toy

The Old Switcheroo

Mama: I heart you.
Woodrow: I heart you back.
Mama: You’re so sweet. And cute.
Woodrow: Are you trying to butter me up?
Mama: No.
Woodrow: Well, it’s working. Yes, I’ll take a treat.
Mama: Um, okay.

closeup of cute tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photo

“Play with me!”

white cat and tabby cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Napkins, Pizza and More!

  1. I can always hear that dramatic soap opera-like music from the old days when the announcer says, “Will Siophie EVER find her purse??? Tune in next week!”…..haha We happen to love the “super close-ups” although any photo of this crew is fab!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Cannot image how you can get anything done around there, with such charming and rascally kitty cats around!
    Oh wait…I know!
    Like me, you wait until they are all asleep…

  3. Daisy Mae kept her thoughts to herself until she needed her Humans. Also, since she’s become a Senior Cat soon to become a Super Senior Cat she’s become well… more vocal about things if you know what I mean.
    Love the photos

  4. You have a sweet voice, Sophie, and I love the way you dragging all that papurr…MOL…High Paw to all of you, you’re all so cute and such awwdorable conversations again. I wonder how many pennies you already have in your purse, Sophie😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

  5. Sophie you have to pick up after yourself not before MOL. No Judging Olive. Woodrow do you need to diet? Harley, Handsome, Like peanut butter and jelly. Mind *BLOWN* Dexter. Sophie that will be beautiful. I think that is a two treater Woodrow. Sophie! Paws! MOL Love you all!

  6. Sophie, you’re a hoot! And Olive, I hope you asked Steve for his empty pizza box. Mudpie says they’re the best!

  7. Harley, “I wanna swim in the pool of your eyes”!!

    I learned a new word from Sophie… wish I knew what it means, or how to spell it!

    Momma kitty Ash started talking to me this week. I haven’t learned her dialect. Her kittens are currently named Tigger, MiniMe, Rough, and Tumble!!

  8. Sorry I am so late. That video is adorable. Nice napkin find Sophie. My Emmy announces all her finds too. :)
    You have strange neighbors that don’t get pepperoni on their pizza. And Harley, I love your close-ups. Have a wonderful week. XO

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