Chatty Cats: Snackies, the Sniffer and More!

Happy Friday! Well, the big news here this week is that I rearranged my office yet again. So, as you can see, things are super exciting at our house. We hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend here in the US! (And that you have something more fun than office rearranging planned.)

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Excited Tortie

Olive: OMG, it’s Fridaaayyyy!!!
Mama: Yay!
#excitedtortie #whiskersfordays

yawning tortie cat

Caturday Cats

Handsome Harley. Stoic Dexter. Mischievous Sophie.

siamese mix cat with other cats in background

Snackie Lover

Woodrow: Snackies?
Mama: What?
Woodrow: Just thinking about snackies.
Mama: Okay.
Woodrow: Snackies?
Mama: They aren’t going to materialize just because you keep saying it.
Woodrow: Snackies?

cute tabby cat

Seat Saved

Sophie: This seat is saved.
Mama: For me?
Sophie: …
Mama: For me?!?
Sophie: Well…obviously.
Mama: Good, scooch over.
Sophie: ∗sigh∗ This seat was saved.

white cat with blue eyes

The Sniffer

Woodrow: Mama, what’s dat?
Mama: What’s what?
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ Smells like tuna. Or roses.
Mama: Do those things smell the same to you?
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ Could be cheez whiz. Mama, are you eating cheez whiz?
Mama: When have I ever eaten cheez whiz?
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ Yeah, definitely tuna or roses or cheez whiz.
Dexter: Mama.
Mama: I know.


Mama: May I take your photo?
Harley: What for?
Mama: Whisker Wednesday?
Harley: If you must.
Mama: 📸
Harley: You cut off my whiskers!
Mama: Maybe I was focusing on your chin whiskers?
Harley: Mm-hmm. Likely story.

siamese mix cat

Thankless Thursday

Sophie: Dexter!
Dexter: Hold still.
Sophie: I’m trying to sleep.
Dexter: You’ve got a little smudge…
Sophie: Enough!
Dexter: All done! And you’re welcome.

Bonus Friday Video

Harley rarely plays with any toys, so it was fun watching him play with this one.

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Snackies, the Sniffer and More!

  1. Oh my…….what a great batch of photos. They’re all so special and you do an amazing job of putting “words” to them. Your gang is so very photographable too – lucky you! Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Olive you sure have enough energy for a fun weekend.
    Harley how could Dexter and Sophie photo bomb you, what nerve.
    Woodrow do you know our Rumpy Bump? Maybe you two could join thoughts to materialize Snackies
    Sophie all seats are the cats. Didnt she learn that yet?
    Woodrow is that Rose flavored Cheese Whiz?
    Harley you do have some magnificent Whiskers. How do you keep them corralled?
    Sophie those ear washers can be annoying but in the end it is all in love
    Harley that is one fine nanner. You look like it tastes good too
    Thanks friends for a week of such fun. You always make us smile

  3. more grate conversation thiz week guyz bye everee one…

    and may bee…just may bee… a tuna wanted ta bring yur mom sum rosez but dee sided on cheez whizz inn stead… but then him couldna reech de door bell…. sew him just left !!

    ???…??..? ….

    oh kay then ~~~~~~~~

    happee healthee week end two all :) ♥♥

  4. Sophie and Dexter are so cute together. I thought she was saving the seat for him. Harley, just keep thinking treats- they will come. XO

  5. Woodrow, just so you know, Ava uses that “Snackies?” technique all the time. Sometimes it works, so keep trying! MOL

    Harley, that nip nanner sure looks like fun!

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