Chatty Cats: Honesty, Everyday Life and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a nice and quiet week here. There’s been a lot of cat cuddling – both with each other and with us humans, which has been nice. We hope your week involved cat cuddles, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Not-Comfy Harley

Mama: Comfy in your box?
Harley: It’s a little warm. Should we install AC?
Mama: We have air conditioning.
Harley: I mean in my box.
Mama: No.
Harley: Then why ask if I’m comfy?
Mama: I have no idea. What was I thinking.

siamese mix cat in large box

Birthday Negotiations

Sophie: What did you get me for your birthday?
Mama: What did I get you for MY birthday?
Sophie: That’s what I said.
Mama: What did YOU get me for my birthday?
Sophie: That wasn’t the question.
Mama: I got you a big ‘ol hug.
Sophie: … Fine. But next year I expect a purse. Deal?

close up of cute white cat with blue eyes

Honest Olive

Mama: Whatcha thinking about?
Olive: How cute I am.
Mama: Honesty, I like it.
Olive: Honesty and truth.
Mama: And humble.
Olive: No, not that.

cute tortie cat in cat cubby

Silly Mama

Woodrow: Mama, my lap went away.
Mama: Your lap?
Woodrow: The one I was sitting in.
Mama: Oh, you mean my lap.
Woodrow: Your lap is my lap.
Mama: I needed to get up.
Woodrow: …
Mama: What, do I need your permission to get up?
Woodrow: ∗chuckles softly∗

handsome tabby cat

Dexter’s Everyday Life

Sophie: ∗sits down∗
Dexter: Excuse me!
Sophie: You’re excused.
Dexter: …

The Look

Mama: Uh oh, now what’d I do?
Harley: What do you mean?
Mama: That look on your face. Like I did something wrong.
Harley: It’s just my face. Perhaps you’re projecting.
Mama: Okay.
Harley: But I would like a word with you when you have a moment…

siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Hero Sophie

Sophie: Don’t worry, Mama. I gots it!!
Mama: Got what?
Sophie: The scawy snake!
Mama: Phew, that was close.
Sophie: I think I need an “I-saved-the-day” treat.
Mama: Oh, do you?
Sophie: I really do.

white cat playing with paper

Bonus Friday Photos

We won the Simply Kind Hearted giveaway on Lola’s blog earlier this month. Clearly, Sophie was excited to open the package and really check it out. Thanks to Lola, Lexy and Dawn!

Stay safe, everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Honesty, Everyday Life and More!

  1. Oh my……the gang is up to the usual “gang activities”……Sophie’s butt in Dexter’s face and of course her request for yet another purse. Harley – well Harley has THAT LOOK all the time which we all love. Woodrow’s complaint department must be busy and Sophie – well – Sophie is Sophie! Congrats on winning the prize package too……looks like it was a HIT.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. oh oh ooooooh a box with ac would be great… imagine that…. but it should get a fab heater too …the temperatures are siberinish…. happy weekend to ya all

  3. Poor Dexter, it is a good job he loves Sophie. Congrats on the prize. Did Sophie let any one else get a look in?

  4. Pawsome conversations. However, I find that when making requests of the humans, they fail to comply!
    It’s probably not looking good for AC in the box :/
    Lap time is way to short. Humans are too fidgety!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Look at those mugs, what a clowder of cuties! Congratulations on the Simply Kind, our kitties love that stuff.

  6. Harley we hope you got Mom straightened out MOL. Sophie you are on your game saving the house from that very dangerous snake. We liked how you fit in that funny round box too. Thanks friends for a fun post. We always enjoy stopping by to see what is happening

  7. Ahhhhh…. so nice to see happy cats!!

    Mine, including the 4 kittens that are 6wks old today, are doing well.

    I had a horrible work day yesterday but then caught 2 loose dogs and reunited then with their worried parents. And found that momma kitty Ash and her kittens had moved into my bedroom for the night. I worried about fights (momma is SUPER protective) but all was fine. Now to get those kittens socialized!!!

  8. Harley wouldn’t be in his box if he wasn’t comfortable. Olive definitely is very cute.Of course permission must be granted before removing a cat from your lap! Good job Sophie catching the snake. Looks like it was a busy week.

  9. Still no a/c in your box, Harley? I can’t believe that your Mama didn’t expect to get a good talking to later in the week. Thankfully Sophie was able to catch that blue, squiggly snake, they are very dangerous. I’m sure she was paid appropriately (double treats). Have a good weekend.

  10. That sounds like a another wonderful week at your home ! Concatulations on your prezzies ! Purrs

  11. Congrats on winning Lola’s prize. Sophie, I hope you got your mama a nice birthday gift if you expect a purse. ) And Harley, a/c in your box is a great idea. Have a wonderful week. XO

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