Chatty Cats: Presents, Tortitude and More!

Happy Friday! Ross and I are both off from work for a few days to make for an extra long weekend. Sleeping in and day trip outings – should be nice! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

The Non-Thinker

Mama: Whatcha doing?
Woodrow: I’m in my thinking basket.
Mama: Whatcha thinking about?
Woodrow: Nothing. I’m in my thinking basket. It does the thinking for me.
Mama: Um, okay…
Woodrow: Don’t think about it too hard, Mama. I never do. Just get a thinking basket.

cute tabby cat sitting in basket

100% Harley

Mama: 📸
Harley: Mama, you can’t post that.
Mama: Why not?
Harley: It’s slightly blurry.
Mama: But 100% adorbs.

adorable siamese mix cat

A Cat Mom’s Mother’s Day

Mama: Why so grumps?
Sophie: Because no one included my name with the Mother’s Day presents.
Mama: What presents?
Sophie: We made you breakfast in bed.
Mama: The hairball next to the bed?
Sophie: And did you find that tootsie roll outside the litter box? That was from me!
Mama: You really shouldn’t have.
Sophie: Well, I did. Because you mean that much to me.
Mama: Thanks.
Sophie: Happy Mother’s Day!
#happymothersday #catstyle

cute white cat with blue eyes

Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day! Whether a cat mama, dog mama, hooman mama or all of the above, we hope you have a wonderful day! Btw, I really did find these presents today for Mother’s Day. They’re so thoughtful.

Poor Dexter

Dexter: Hey, I told you to move.
Woodrow: Snooorrre.
Dexter: You can’t say snore. I know you’re awake!
Woodrow: Snooorrre louder.
Dexter: Move!
Woodrow: Snore!
Dexter: ∗sigh∗ No one ever listens to me.
Woodrow: Teehee.
#tabbybros #grumpycat

Miss Tortitude

Olive: Can I help you?
Mama: I didn’t say anything.
Olive: You looked at me.
Mama: I’m not allowed to look at you?
Olive: …
Mama: ∗sigh∗ Understood.

cute tortie cat with tortitude

Not Possible

Mama: Can you back up?
Woodrow: I cannot.
Mama: Why?
Woodrow: The camera loves me.

close up of goofy tabby cat

Napping with Dexter

Dexter: Sophie, smell my feet!
Sophie: Stinky!
Dexter: ∗giggles∗

tabby cat with feet in face of white cat

Bonus Friday Video

Cat TV!

Stay safe, everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Presents, Tortitude and More!

  1. That video is adorable…..but then ADORABLE models make for ADORABLE videos right? Love the stinky feet photo and Sophie looks so innocent while telling you about your “Mother’s Day gifts” from her. EEK. I guess it’s the thought that counts? Hope your Mom’s Day was as special as those cuties who delivered the love on that special day. Have a nice long weekend.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Beautiful photos of every one. I love the stinky feet one😸 loved watching the video reminds me of my cat clock it has a moving tail.x😻💜🐾🐾🐾🐀

  3. oh em cod guyz…wear did ewe get MOUZ tee vee !!!

    hay…grate ta see everee one again… sinz we last seed ya bak in WINTER~~~~~~hope thiz findz one and all …. happee and healthee

    heerz two a grate week a head with mor grate conversayshunz !!! ♥♥♥

  4. Lucky Woodrow doesn’t have to waste energy thinking! You look fine Harley. Poor Dexter indeed! Not good sleeping posture Sophia! In the video you two need to get those tails synchronized!

  5. Dexter and Woodrow are so cute cuddling together. Sophie, you are so sweet to let your mama know how much she means to you. I hope she has a Happy Birthday tomorrow. XO

  6. Woodrow, we want one of those thinking baskets! Mom and Dad would like to not have to think about stuff sometimes. :) Hugs! – Ava

  7. We think Claire needs a thinking basket just like you, Woodrow. Dexter…. are you helping Sophie to fall asleep ? Purrs

  8. These are all so great. We love the Miss Tortitude one. We get the same look at home with our tortie baby. That video was the best. Watching their tails going back and forth waiting for the right moment. Thanks for sharing Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  9. I have been remiss and haven’t been commenting here as I see your posts elsewhere – but this is where it all started – and your posts are WONDERFUL :) I enjoy each and every one.

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