Chatty Cats: Tabbies, Scratchies and More!

Happy Friday! We had a quiet week here. But the cats were up to their usual cuteness, of course. We hope you all had a nice week and here’s to a wonderful weekend!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Tabbies Unite!

Mama: It’s National Tabby Day!
Dexter: Excellent. Tabbies are on schedule to take over the world tonight. Mwahaha.
Mama: Okay, be back by dinnertime.
Dexter: Never!!! Wait, what’s for dinner?
#nationaltabbytakeovertheworldday aka #nationaltabbyday

tabby cat plotting something evil

Happy Caturday

Sophie: Mama, can I wish all my friends on the interwebs a Happy Caturday?
Mama: Sure.
Sophie: Hey, friends! What are you having for dinner? And can I have some?
Mama: Where’s the Happy Caturday?
Sophie: I mean, Happy Caturday and what are you having for dinner and can I have some? And I loves yous lots!
#goodenough #happycaturday

pretty white cat with blue eyes


Scratch. Blep. Woodrow style.

tabby cat scratching with tiny blep


Olive: Come ‘ere, Mama. Someone needs a boop.
Mama: Want me to boop you?
Olive: No, I’m gonna boop you!
Mama: Um, okay.
Olive: Boop!
Mama: Thanks?
Olive: My work here is done.
Mama: Boop back!
Olive: Hey!
#sneakattackboop #cuteblacknose

pretty tortie cat with black nose


Mama: Harley, May the 4th be with you!
Harley: …
Mama: Okay, sorry.
#photobombed #notamused

baby yoda (grogu) with unamused siamese mix cat

Sleeping Sophie

Cozy basket day. ❤

cute white cat in basket

Confused Cat

Dexter: Mama, is it Friday?
Mama: So close, little one.
Dexter: It feels like it should be Friday, like yesterday.
Mama: So, today would be Saturday?
Dexter: What?!? I skipped Friday? I had things to do! Quick, bring me my blankie. I need to catch up on Friday napping!

concerned tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photos

More Baby Yoda! Holding hands with Harley and working on his selfie skills.

Stay safe, everyone!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Tabbies, Scratchies and More!

  1. Awwwww Baby Yoda is adorable. Glad he was able to do a little hand-holding after Harley settled down for a snooze. Everyone else looks happy and I do hope they all have a Mother’s Day surprise planned for you – you’re a mighty darn good Mom to that crew!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. a posh dinner is quasi da happy caturday… we had beef but we wait for the sardines in oil… come over, we have 73 cans… or 87, we can only count to three…

  3. Dexter, we will meet behind the dinner dish to plan world domination MOL. Sophie we are having something soooooo good. We have extra too. Woodrow we can do that watch, umm, maybe not. Olive… BOOP, hee hee. Harley that dood is everywhere. Geez. Sophie you win the cute award this week. At our house too. We have to up our game. Purrs friends

  4. Happy Caturday to all of you! You win it for me this week, Olive. You look so cute snuggled in your basket.

  5. The photos of Harley with Baby Yoda made me say awwww….. Olive, you can boop me anytime. And Sophie, if you lived near me I would gladly share my dinner with you. Have a nice weekend. XO

  6. Haha. Sophie, we love your Caturday greetings. Did you get any of everybuddy’s dinners?

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