Chatty Cats: Bossy, Puzzles and More!

Happy Friday! There’s not much to report here this week. The humans have been busy with work and the cats have been busy with not work. Here’s to a relaxing weekend for all.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Boss Cat

Mama: Can you move? I need to work.
Sophie: I’m in the desk chair, so I’m the boss.
Mama: You’re getting hair on my chair.
Sophie: Clean it! Says the boss.
Mama: If the boss wants treats later, she will move so the real boss can work.
Sophie: The boss would like to see a contract written up with how many treats are to be given. On my desk by 5. And use spellcheck this time!

white cat in office chair

Fair Warning

Woodrow: Uh oh, Mama!!
Mama: What?
Woodrow: Stand back! Incoming yawn!!
Mama: Whoa.
Woodrow: Did it get you?
Mama: I think I’m safe. ∗yawns∗ Oops, it got me.

Cute Harley

Mama: Quick, do something cute!
Harley: …
Mama: Perfect! 📸
Harley: Wait, that was my thinking-about-doing-something-cute face.
Mama: Well, it’s pretty cute.
Harley: But I can do better. I can do cuter!

tiny blep from siamese mixed cat

Unfunny Dexter

Dexter: Sophie, can you get off my back?
Sophie: Is this the start of some joke?
Dexter: No. Literally, get off my back.
Sophie: I’d prefer to hear a joke.
Dexter: Sophie!!!
Sophie: That’s not very funny.

white cat resting on tabby cat

Puzzle Lover

Woodrow: You finished the puzzle?
Mama: I did.
Woodrow: How?
Mama: What do you mean?
Woodrow: I thought I borrowed three pieces.
Mama: So you’re the one!
Woodrow: No, I said THREE pieces.

tabby cat with puzzle

Safety First

Olive: I’m off to go shopping!
Mama: Olive…
Olive: Oops, forgot my mask.

tortie cat turning around

Moment Ruined

Dexter: What should we do today?
Sophie: I don’t care.
Dexter: You don’t?
Sophie: Not as long as we’re together.
Mama: Aww!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!
Sophie: Scratch that. As long as we’re together and no mama.

tabby cat and white cat

Bonus Friday Photo

What they ended up doing…

tabby cat and white cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Bossy, Puzzles and More!

  1. Even if the gang isn’t doing much, they are adorable not doing much. Awwww on Dexter and Sophie’s “side snuggle”…….as for Olive – if she’s going shopping, could she be the one who is hiding/stealing/using Sophie’s ever-disappearing purses??????

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Harley, your thinking face is too cute! It should come with a warning. Sophie and Dexter, you make doing nothing looking furbulous! Woodrow, have you been speaking to Galileo? He’s been trying very hard to “borrow” my puzzle pieces. Olive, I wish I was as flexible as you. If I tried what you did, I’d be laying on the floor.

  3. Dexter and Sophie remind me of Gus and Sasha. Always on a pile. Sometimes washing faces but once in a while an ear nip. A love ear nip which requires the paw of “no” from the victim.

  4. I saw that it’s virtual CatCon this weekend.

    Skritches had her mastectomy on Wed and is coming home this evening.

    My slowly taming feral, Ash, had kittens in my garage on Fri. Black Cat (feral) is not using one of his front legs but I can’t catch him, let alone find a vet to treat a feral.

    PCB is currently sitting on my other arm as I finger type and pretend to watch a company mtg.

    You gang is, as always, adorable!

  5. Too late Woodrow, your yawn started me off too! Sophie, you are quite the Bossy Boots!

  6. Woodrow is too funny with the puzzle pieces. And Sophie, you made me yawn too. Have a nice weekend. XO

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