Chatty Cats: Flashbacks, Paybacks and More!

Happy Friday! This week, Harley came down with a URI. He’s on meds and feeling better already. He’s sneezing less now, but he still has a bit of a runny nose. I’m sure he’ll be all better soon. Thanks for all of the love and well wishes on social media.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Flashback Friday

How about a little #FlashbackFriday? Here’s a video of Sophie from 2016 (sound on for full effect). She somehow got behind our headboard and had a hard time getting out. Perhaps she was looking for her purse. What do you think? Happy Friday, everyone!

Whose Paw

Mama: Just relaxing today?
Dexter: It’s a paws up kind of day.
Mama: Very cute. 📸
Dexter: Mama!! Be sure to tell everyone that’s my paw. Not to be confused with the simpleton’s paw.
Mama: Woodrow?
Dexter: Sophie!
Mama: That’s mean.
Dexter: You went to Woodrow.
Mama: ∗whispering∗ Don’t tell him.

tabby cat's white paw

Payback (with assistance)

Sophie: The Easter Bunny didn’t leave me any chocolate eggs!
Mama: He did. I ate them. They were so good.
Sophie: Mama!!
Mama: You can’t have chocolate. I was doing you a favor.
Sophie: Now I’m gonna go eat something of yours!
Mama: Okay.
Sophie: Can you open your favorite bag of chips for me? ∗whispering∗ I don’t have thumbs.

pretty blue cat with blue eyes

Monday Mood

Here, Woodrow performs the “Is it still Monday” scan using the one-eyed check maneuver. Yep, still Monday. Do not disturb.

sleepy tabby cat

Poor Harley

Mama: Oh, my poor baby.
Harley: Who you calling a poor baby?
Mama: You.
Harley: I feel fine!
Mama: I see that bubble coming out of your nose.
Harley: Come closer and say that. I’ll sneeze on you!

handsome cat with blue eyes

Harley has been sneezing the last couple of days. Yesterday, he finally had boogies coming out of his nose, so we headed to the vet. He has a URI. We’re keeping a close eye on him and starting some medicine. The good news is he is still eating well and still bossing around his siblings (and me).

Handsome Boy

Mama: Who’s THIS handsome boy?
Dexter: You forgot my name?
Mama: Well, no, I…
Dexter: Really, Sarah. That’s embarrassing.
#mynameisnotsarah #hisjudgylook

Not That One!

Mama: I’m really busy today. Can we just post a Throwback Thursday shot?
Olive: No!
Mama: You always make me take like 50 shots.
Olive: Just post the first one you take.
Mama: Okay…📸
Olive: Mama!!!

blooper shot of tortie cat

Bonus Friday Photo

I put my “Comfy” on my desk to move it. The cats claimed it as their own. I’m not allowed to move it now.

two cats sleeping

Stay safe, everyone!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Flashbacks, Paybacks and More!

  1. Cats do operate by their own set of rules but we’re supposed to know them without ever being told what they are. I think they want us to know them by psychic transmission OR osmosis when we tough their furs. You got around the photo issue with Olive, caught a great shot of “Mr. Sniffles”, saved Sophie from chocolate-itis……just a regular kind of week for you and the kitties right?

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  2. It’s gloomy and rainy here; your post is always such a bright spot! Glad Harley’s feeling better. URIs are the worst. There’s a particularly snotty foster here right now. I think she’s finally over the hump and improving.

  3. Sweet Harley, we’re sending POTP your way! Y’all are too funny this week, I love those expressions.

  4. Such terrific photos. I hope the all better finds you soon Harley and poor Sophie, I’ll bet you don’t hide your purse back there now.

  5. Well that was a bit of a scrabble, Sophie. Your mom never even helped you get out, she was too busy videoing you! I am glad Harley is improving.

  6. Harley feel better soon. Sophia you are such a funny kitty going back there had us laughing. Harry you sure demand a lot but are expressive… I meant Dexter. Love them all. Purrs

  7. Drama over here: Skritches goes for unilateral mastectomy next Wed. Ash kitty is MIA, probably had or having her kittens. Video footage shows one of the billion all black ferals is not using one of its front legs.

    I’m glad Harley is better!! Everyone else looks good. I hope Sophie doesn’t know we’re laughing at her video!!

  8. Hee! Hee! We thought us 3 were fun! You guys really know how to get your peep going! And we gotta say, losing a comfy is something that happens with any cats! We enjoyed your antics this week gus and we hope Harley is feeling better. We hope you all have a marvellously happy week!

  9. Harley, we are sorry you got a URI, but we are glad to hear you’re feeling better now! Sophie, that video of you is so great.We are happy you were able to escape from behind there!

  10. Not to sound incompetent which I am but what breed is Dexter? I got a kitten exactly like Dexter from a breeder and I have no pedigree or anything and it slipped my mind when I talked to the vet. I’m just curious what the breed name of dexter is?

    1. Hello! Dexter is just a regular domestic shorthair cat. His pattern is tabby cat, though.

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