Chatty Cats: Faces, Pillows and More!

Happy Friday! The big news here this week is that I rearranged my office. Olive was not happy. The next morning, she deposited a tootsie roll on my bathroom floor (the master bedroom is my office, so there’s a bathroom in it). And don’t worry, she’s fine medically. I guess she’s just not a fan of rearranged furniture.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Long Week Face

Mama: You okay there, Sophie?
Sophie: It’s been a long week.
Mama: Understood.

close up of goofy white cat


Harley: Mama, someone’s in your spot!
Olive: I hate you.
Harley: Mama, Olive hates you!

cat checking on sleeping cat

Cat Face Pillow

Mama: Okay under there, Sophie?
Dexter: She’s fine.
Mama: Can she breathe?
Sophie: Mmokaymama!


Mama: You’re curled up tight today.
Woodrow: It’s freezing!
Mama: It’s in the 50s.
Woodrow: See, I told you.
Mama: Do you want me to turn on the heat?
Woodrow: Yes, please.

tabby cat curled up

Emergency Boop

Harley: Mama, hurry!
Mama: What is it?
Harley: I need a boop!
Mama: BOOP!
#blooperboop #emergencyboop

siamese cat mix receiving nose boop

Livin’ the Life

Mama: Having a lazy day?
Dexter: Lazy day, every day. Amiright?

relaxed tabby cat

Double Blep

Same blep, different angles. 100% adorbs.

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Harley’s reaction after the emergency boop. “Whoa, good boop!”

Stay safe, everyone!

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Faces, Pillows and More!

  1. Oh what great photos from this past week. The cat face pillow is interesting… might think there’s a smothering going on but instead maybe it’s comforting to feel warm breath on your neck from the “pillow” so it’s cozy??? Love the double blep and boop too. Too bad about the tootsie roll – they can be SOOOOO expressive!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. You have the most photogenic cats, so adorable. I love Harley’s need a boop face. Funny you think 50’s is cold, we call that a heat wave this time of year. :) Have a nice weekend. XO

  3. Sophie, that’s how we felt on Friday, too. Hoo boy. What an exhausting week!

    Olive, it sounds like you gave the thumbs down to Mom’s office rearrangement.

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