Chatty Cats: Vet Visits, the Sniffer and More!

Happy Friday! We had three cats visit the vet this past week. Two were planned (exams for Woodrow and Harley), but Olive’s was not. You’ll read below that she has an eye infection. Ross and I have been giving her drops this week. She’s definitely looking better, but we still have a few more days to go. Hopefully, this coming week there will be no vet visits!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Whatcha Got There?

Woodrow: I see you’re holding a sammich.
Mama: Yep.
Woodrow: Does that sammich have cheese?
Mama: Yep.
Woodrow: …
Mama: If I give you a nibble will you go away?
Woodrow: Mayyyyybe.

close-up of goofy tabby cat

Caturday Happenings

Caturday with the Chatty Cats. We started our day off with a pre-planned trip to the vet. Exams for both Harley and Woodrow. Of course, Olive performed the sniff-check upon their return to ensure I brought home the correct cats (jury’s still out regarding Woodrow). Meanwhile, Sophie insisted that if I let her out for more patio time, she wouldn’t roll around and get dirty again. Doubtful. Let’s see…who’s missing? Ah, the timid boy. I found Dexter hiding in my closet. He says you can never be too safe when the carriers come out. Happy Caturday from our house to yours. What are your cats up to today?

Sunday Snackies

Sophie: Dexter!!
Dexter: What?
Sophie: Where’s the snackies?
Dexter: What snackies? This is my hiding spot.
Sophie: I was told there would be snackies!!

white cat yelling at tabby cat

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that Dexter hid in my closet when he saw the carriers come out for Woodrow and Harley. I guess he decided it was a good place to spend today too. Unfortunately, Sophie found his hiding spot and…well, you get the idea. Little sisters, amiright?


Harley: Is it this eye?
Olive: Yes.
Harley: Here, I kiss it for you.

siamese mix cat sniffing tortie cat

On Saturday, Olive did the sniff-check on Harley after his trip to the vet. This morning, Harley returns the favor. Olive’s left eye has a little infection, so she visited the vet this morning. We came home with eye drops that are to be applied three times a day for one week. Olive is pure tortie through and through. And when she knows something is up, she goes full tortitude and it’s hard to grab her, let alone apply eye drops. So please…wish us mere humans luck!

The Sniffer

Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗
Mama: Whatcha got?
Woodrow: Pickles, dill. Cheese, pepper jack.
Mama: Bread?
Woodrow: ∗sniff sniff∗ Rustic white, lightly toasted.
#neighborslunch #woodrowssuperpower

tabby cat looking up

Non-Helper Cat

Sophie: Whatcha doing?
Mama: Working.
Sophie: Need any help?
Mama: What kind of help?
Sophie: Anything that doesn’t involve me leaving this basket.
Mama: So, like moral support?
Sophie: Eh. What else you got?

white cat in basket

Silly Mama

Mama: Can I sit there?
Dexter: I think we both know the answer to that.
Mama: It’s my chair!
Dexter: …
Mama: ∗whispering∗ Well, I paid for it.
Dexter: What was that?
Mama: Nothing.

relaxed tabby cat in chair

Bonus Friday Photo

Olive, Harley and Woodrow ❤️

three cats in sunbeam

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Vet Visits, the Sniffer and More!

  1. Hope Olive’s eye is better soon – I feel your pain about trying to give her eye drops 3 times a day…..Teddy just “knows” when I need to give him anything…he has hiding places that nobody knows how to find. Did Sophie ever find any of her purse collection? Inquiring minds want to know….

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

    1. You know what, she DID find one of them! She brought it up and set it outside my office. It was the one that Lola and Lexy sent her!

  2. Awww poor Olive! Hoping that clears up soon. It’s so hard going to the Vet during COVID. I hate not being able to go in with them. I don’t envy all of you who take multiple cats at once!!

  3. What a wonderful week of cat life. Woodrow, I think we’re related. I have the same sniffing superpower. Hang in there with Olive. I’m glad her eye is healing under your loving care.

    Don’t trust Sophie for a second. She’s been waiting for another dust bath. And Dexter, you are such a smart, handsome kitty. You stay where you are until those carries are out away for at least 24 hours. You can never be too careful.

  4. I had a momentary shiver, when I thought about giving Sweetie eye drops…
    Your clowder is too adorbs, and here’s hoping there are no unscheduled vet visits for quite a while!

  5. Giving any medicine is always a hassle, but three times a day is really extreme. We are hiding in the covers because of wind rain and thunderstorms. We don’t even want to look out the windows!

  6. We agree with you, Dexter, better hide when the carriers are out ! Harley, that’s so sweet of you to kiss Olive’s boo-boo, Olive, we hope your eye gets better soon. Purrs

  7. Poor Dexter, you should have known that Sophie would find you! I hope Olive’s eye is soon better. It is good of Harley to try and help make it better.

  8. You are all so precious and funny! We had a spay appointment on Friday at 7:30am, we got up at 4:00am because there is no telling how long it will take to get that cat into that carrier – our sympathies are with the Peeps and their eye drop duties – MOL!

  9. How sweet of Harley to give Olive a kiss. And Dexter, I think you need a better hiding spot. I hope Olive is better soon. XO

  10. MOL. Woodrow, we like how “maybe” means “no” when it comes to mooching some noms!

    We hope Olive’s eye is all better real soon. We’re sending lots of purrs and prayers!

  11. I dread taking my feline to the vet, as he gets frightened and upset, as though he thinks he’s not coming back home. Through his crying, I picture him saying, ‘Whatever I did that was bad, I promise I won’t do it again.’

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