Chatty Cats: Grooming, Grumpy and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a hard week for so many here in the US. We’re hoping everyone is staying safe and warm – and that the cold, snowy areas (especially the ones not used to it) get a break soon.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Woodrow: Come closer, Mama!
Mama: You come closer.
Woodrow: I’m trying!
Mama: Almost there…
Woodrow: Haguuuuhhh!!!
#goofyboy #tinyteef

goofy tabby cat

Caturday Undercover

Mama: Are you going to come out from under there?
Sophie: Is the sun coming out today?
Mama: I don’t think so.
Sophie: Then I don’t think so.

white cat with blue eyes under blanket

Grooming Battle

Dexter: Hold still! I’m grooming you.
Olive: No, I’m grooming you!
Dexter: I started first!
Olive: Just let me groom you!
#groomingwar #valentinesdaycats

Monday Mood

Mama: Got your Monday face on?
Harley: Of course. It’s Monday.
Mama: I mean, you kind of look grumps.
Harley: Rude.
Mama: Oh, so you’re not grumps?
Harley: What’s my face say?
Mama: I’m so confused!

grumpy siamese cat with blue eyes

Nice Try, Dexter

Woodrow: ∗YAWWWWWN∗
Dexter: ∗yawn∗
Woodrow: Amateur.

Poor Cat. Needs Treat.

Sophie: Excuse me, ma’am?
Mama: Yes?
Sophie: You gots any treats for a poor kitty like me?
Mama: Not on me. And what’s with this poor kitty stuff?
Sophie: I still can’t find my purse! And you know I keep your money in my purse. Hence, poor. Hence, give me a treat.

white cat with blue eyes walking toward camera

Daring Boy

When the sunpuddle moves, you move with it. Even if that means living life on the edge.

Bonus Friday Video

Sophie’s latest thing is to bring us our shoes. She usually drags them up the entire way, but she stopped when I started recording.

Here’s a photo of what I woke up to one morning this week. Ross’ slippers, my slip-ons, one of Ross’ shoes and the shoe covers we have for contractors we’ve had in the house recently — all deposited outside my office door. Every time she brings up an item, she cries like in the video. It wakes us up in the middle of the night. We don’t wear shoes in our house…I wonder what Sophie is trying to tell us. Maybe she thinks one is her purse.

Stay safe, everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Grooming, Grumpy and More!

  1. Our kitties carry things up our stairs (or down the stairs depending where we are) like toy mice, bankets etc that they love and want to show you they love you and are worthy in your eyes of caring for you

  2. Awww……Once the ears go back during a yawn, it’s a certifiable yawn-tsunami and Woodrow was the TOTAL winner!
    Interesting about Sophie’s shoe fetish. At least she doesn’t bring “gifts” from the litter box! EEEK!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. You sure had some week kitties. Sophie we liked the meows even if you left the shoes. Dexter and Woodrow you two really have some yawns but… we say no clear winner. Synchronized cleaning is always fun and so are grumpy looks Harley! Great photos all! Purrs

  4. OMC Woodrow, your stretch is so cute! Sophie, you are a sunloving girl, best stay under the covers until it appears again – or you could ferry shoes up the stairs – MOL! I love the bathing battle and the yawning contest, y’all are competitive kitties! Harley, I love that Monday face, but you’re messin’ with your Momma – MOL!

  5. I love a talkative cat! But not at 3am!!

    Maybe she wants to go for a walk (I used to walk my cats every night… current clowder isn’t into it). Or maybe she feels they need washing. Or maybe she wants her own shoes. Or… or… or …

  6. My cats keep going into my closet and using my shoes as a toilet. I removed the shoes so now they use the carpet. It’s a lost cause till I can get new flooring!!

  7. Sophie, our Celestial Chuck used to carry my wooly socks around the house, and he’d meow like you too!
    They usually ended up near the front door, as if he was planning to release them outside.

  8. Sophie is too funny. My Emmy always announces when she finds a toy for me from her collection. :) Have a nice weekend. XO

  9. Thank you for our weekly dose of smiles. We always love your chats! Sophie, our Ava brings us toys and announces that she’s on her way. XO

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