Chatty Cats: Deadlines, Grumbles and More!

Happy Friday! We had another fairly busy week here, so we’re gonna get right to it. But before we do, we’re sending best wishes to everyone for a wonderful weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Harley’s Deadline

Harley: Hey, Mama. Where you off to?
Mama: Just came in here to grab something.
Harley: Don’t you want to cuddle?
Mama: I can’t. I’m busy.
Harley: I’ll only be in this spot for like another 8 hours. Better hurry back!

cute, curious siamese cat with blue eyes

The Many Faces of Woodrow

Woodrow photo shoot! ❤ Which one is your favorite?

Btw, here are the results from Facebook and Instagram:
Photo 1 – 4
Photo 2 – 7
Photo 3 – 1
Photo 4 – 1
Photo 5 – 1
Photo 6 – 17
All of them or couldn’t decide – 11

Supervising Sophie

Dexter: Mama, can you take her?
Mama: Sophie?
Dexter: I’ve had her for the last five hours. I need a break.
Mama: She doesn’t require supervision.
Dexter: …
Mama: Yep, I got her.

tabby cat with sleeping white cat

Grumbly Girl

(Volume up!)
: ∗grumble grumble∗
Mama: What’s up?
Sophie: Chin scritch.
Mama: You got it.

Cute Cuddlers

Mama: Are you two going to do anything post-worthy today?
Olive: You’re looking at it.
Mama: Boooooring.
Dexter: Jealous?
Mama: Maybe.
And by cold weather, I mean a high of 60 today! Brr! (That’s cold for us Southern California folks and cats.)

tabby cat and tortie cat cuddling

Leggy Boy

Mama: You comfy?
Dexter: Obvi.

tabby cat's pile of legs

Always Handsome

Harley: Whatcha doing back there, Mama? The sun is over here.
Mama: Just taking your photo.
Harley: Do I look handsome?
Mama: Always.

mixed siamese cat in sunshine

Bonus Friday Blooper

Woodrow: Mama, did you say you had a bottle to clean?
Sophie: Whoa.

blooper photo of cat's puffy tail

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Deadlines, Grumbles and More!

  1. #1 and #6 are outstanding but they are all SOOOOOOO cute (don’t tell Mr. You Know Who we said CUTE or he will become impossible to live with!). Nice to have your own personal bottle brush in the house. Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. On Instagram I couldn’t decide which Woodrow photo, but now I have it – #6! Sophie Dexter, Harley, Woodrow and Olive – you are so fun this week and gawjus as well of course!

  3. Another vote for All Of Them!

    Our week: Nearly touched feral AshKitty; Toonces probably has some form of mange; I found a new & relatively unknown feral spay/neuter program and hope to get Ash fixed on Mon. They only take 2 ferals per day, and the days change each week, so I will be there EARLY!!

    I lurve the cat cuddle pic!!

  4. You are all cuties. I am most impressed with your bottle brush tail Woodrow. We had zero degrees last night, 60 would be a heat wave. :) Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  5. Dexter we were going to say our fav photo was your leggy one but then Woodrow wanted to clean bottles MOL. We love you all this week as always. Sophie you are really so sweet

  6. Haha! Our favorite face of Woodrow was #6, too!

    Harley, what could your mom possibly have been doing that was more important that cuddles with you? That’s crazy!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet pals!

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