Chatty Cats: Floof, Sisters and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week here. We’re doing a small remodel project, and it has required two unplanned plumber visits. Luckily, it’s in the garage. But still…having to deal with contractors and then unplanned appointments is no fun. I’m just thankful that the cats aren’t bothered by it, since no one needs to come into the actual house. My plans for the weekend…moving everything back into the garage that’s been piled up in our dining room and living room. Hope you have a more restful weekend planned.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Awoken (for nothing)

Olive: ∗sleeping soundly∗
Mama: ∗opens chips∗
Olive: What’s dat? Who’s der?
Mama: Chip bag. No treats.
Olive: Wha?!? I woke up for this?

Always Watching

Sophie: Hi.
Mama: Hi.
Sophie: …
Mama: Do you want something?
Sophie: No.
Mama: Are you plotting something?
Sophie: No.
Mama: …
Sophie: …
Mama: You’re making me nervous!

white cat always watching


Sunday snuggles ❤

tabby cat and tortie cat


Mama: Hey, Woodrow.
Woodrow: …
Mama: Never mind.
#donotdisturb #mondaymood

tabby cat faceplant

Harley Floof

Harley: Who needs to see some floofy pantaloons?
Mama: Um, I don’t know.
Harley: Answer…everyone. Boom.

fluffy cat from behind

New Partner Wanted

Mama: What are you two up to?
Sophie: Don’t tell her, Dexy!
Dexter: Mischief!
Mama: More specific, please.
Sophie: Don’t tell her, Dexy!
Dexter: One of us is going to distract you with our overwhelming cuteness. A tummy will be presented. Tummy rubs will ensue. The human will be sufficiently distracted. The treat jar will be raided. Bwahaha.

white cat and tabby cat up to no good

🎶 Sisters 🎶

Mama: Aww, sisters. You’re so cute!
Olive: How dare you, Mama.
Sophie: I love you, Olive.
Olive: You’re barely tolerable.
Usually when Olive and Sophie are this close, Olive is growling and Sophie is getting ready to pounce. I’m not sure who curled up first, but this is a rare sighting.

white cat sleeping next to tortie cat

Bonus Friday Photo

Dexter says no more photos.

grumpy tabby cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Floof, Sisters and More!

  1. What a great batch of photos this week……You always do such a fabulous job of giving “voice” to the photos too – sheer perfection every time!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

  2. A great bunch of photos. I can relate to every one. All cats sleeping on a different floor, I open a can of something and four cats are twined between my legs in a New York minute.

  3. Sounds like you are going to have a tiring but rewarding weekend. It always feels good to me to get my home back in order.

    Those pantaloons warmed my heart. Thank you Harley! They reminded me happily of our pantaloons girl who crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Sophie it was a grand plan until you gave it away but it will be ready to try again in a few days. Harley Love that Floof. Great job buddy. We love you all and hope the projects works out well

  5. Oh my Harley!!! Your floof looks like Levi’s rear view!!!!! lol!!!!!!! That’s a lot of floof! Hoping the home repairs settle down for you soon!

  6. Dexter and Olive are such cute snuggle buddies. And I love those pantaloons Harley. Hope you all have a nice weekend. XO

  7. We had rare snuggling here too!! I believe Toonces is slowly breaking down even PCB’s hostility! LBK, my newest tamed feral, flopped for petting for the first time!

  8. MOL. Sophie, I like to play that game with my mom and dad, too. Keeps them guessing! – Ava

    P.S. – we hope your remodel goes smoothly, and is finished soon!

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