Chatty Cats: Pizza, Blankies and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a cold, windy and rainy week here with a few pockets of sunshine. We need the rain, so I’m happy to see it. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy in your area!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Sophie Says…

Dexter: Sophie, I need to get up.
Sophie: NO!
Dexter: ∗sigh∗

Wishful Thinking

Mama: Whatcha thinking about?
Woodrow: Pizza.
Mama: Not gonna happen.
Woodrow: Grr.

Mean Mama

Mama: Olive, is this one of your chin whiskers?
Olive: Let me check…Hey!!!

tortie cat sniffing white whisker

Keep It Down!

Sophie: Whatcha doing up there?
Mama: Folding blankets.
Sophie: It’s kinda loud. I’m trying to sleep.
Mama: I can’t fold any quieter.
Sophie: Yes, you can. I believe in you, Mama.

white cat peeking out from blanket

Food Thief

Harley: Whoa, back up there.
Mama: I’m not gonna steal your food. I promise.
Harley: Pawsie swear?
Mama: Well, I don’t have pawsies, so…
Harley: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Back up!

Backups Required

Dexter: My blankie is missing.
Mama: It’s in the wash.
Dexter: What about my backup blankie?
Mama: Also in the wash.
Dexter: Do you not understand the concept of a backup blankie?
Mama: You use them both at the same time. I think it’s you who doesn’t understand the concept of a backup blankie.
Dexter: …
Mama: I’ll go get your backup backup blankie.

tabby cat peeking over bed

Double Grooming Session

Mid-morning groomies with your bro. Rain is expected later today, so the Junior Associates (Woodrow and Harley) better enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! What are your cats up to today?

Bonus Friday Photo

Woodrow: Sophie, I am not your footrest!
Sophie: You appear to be incorrect.

white cat with leg on tabby cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Pizza, Blankies and More!

  1. Poor Dexter, I hope you brushed your teeth Sophie before getting so up close and purrsonal. A backup to a backup is most important. Have a nice week! XO

  2. Hi Guys! We are back! We saw this yesterday and insisted on pizza-RIGHT AWAY…(we never commented). BUT the melted cheese on the ham was worth it! This time we saw the rest of the pictures and we think you all had a fabulishious weeK and we hope you have a marvellously Happy upcoming Week!

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