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2020 – The Year of Sophie!

2019 was the year of Olive (at least according to my Instagram top 9 posts). But Sophie claimed the top spot for 2020! Olive is beside herself and no longer speaking to me. I told her that I have nothing to do with it. Her response was for me to simply stop posting photos of Sophie. To help ease Olive’s fall from the top spot, I pointed out that pretty much every top photo of Sophie shows her in a less than flattering light.

Here’s how 2020 shaped up on Instagram.

  • Six of the top nine slots are of Sophie.
  • The most liked photo shows Sophie a little loopy after her dental.
  • Olive does make an appearance in two photos, but she shares one with Harley – and Sophie is in the background of the other one.
  • Dexter claims the 5th top spot.
  • Poor Woodrow is completely left out of the top nine!
  • No videos made the top 9, although I’m shocked that Sophie’s diaper video didn’t make the cut. (It might’ve had the most comments, though.)

And with that, we say thank you for following along with our chats this year! 2020 was an…um…interesting year, but we still managed to make the best of it. We look forward to your continued friendship in 2021!

Top Nine Instagram Photos – 2020

Three Chatty Cats Top 9 2020

#1: Post-Dental Sophie

white cat after dental surgery

#2: Tail-Grooming Sophie

white cat grooming with tiny blep

#3: Background Sophie

pretty tortie cat

#4: Grumpy Sophie

bored white cat in box

#5: Sophie’s Older Brother

handsome tabby cat with green eyes

#6: Full Bloom Sophie

#7: Selfies-Are-Hard Sophie

#8: Sophieless Sophie

siamese cat with tortie cat in background

#9: Hairy Sophie

white cat with beard hair on face
Those are beard trimmings on her face. (Some cat got into the trash can!)

Mama: Woodrow, can you believe you’re not included in the Top 9?
Woodrow: Someone deserves a whappy paw for that.
Mama: How about 2020 in general?
Woodrow: That works for me.

unhappy tabby cat

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  1. Well all we can say here is we LOVED every single photo and story for ALL the meowsers at Chatty Cats this past year. Sophie takes the cake (and the purse?) but everyone looked happy and content and we hope that continues into the new year. We look forward to knowing what the gang is up to every week – thanks for sharing them with the world!

    Happy New Year, Pam and Teddy too

  2. that is one of the rare good things of 2020.. that is was your year sophie… and that you brought smiles to all people of insta who saw your photos… happy new year to you all… with smiles and love and hope…

  3. Congratulations Sophie! You and the other Chatty Cats were (and are) a bright place in our hearts. I enjoyed seeing all your sweet and silly faces… grumpy faces, too. You made me smile and you made me laugh out loud. I looked forward to all the Mama conversations and always enjoy the beautiful photography. Thanks for helping to make 2020 go by with a daily “HAPPY” of Chatty Cats!

  4. Congrats Sophie 🙂
    But all the chatty cats are adorable!
    Harley deserves a big special hug, I am in love with the guy 💕🤗
    Super-Pawkisses and a Happy New Year 🐾 ♥️

  5. Congratulations Sophie, you are an uber-cutie-pie, but so are all the rest – I consider you all winners. Happy New Year!