Secret Paws!

Well, the kitties are a little sad that Christmas is already over. But they were overjoyed with all of the presents they received from their Secret Paw this year! Who could it be? Read on to find out!

Secret Paws

Mama: Look, everyone. The presents from your Secret Paw have arrived!

Woodrow: I’m claiming them all as my own.

Sophie: What did we get, Mama?

Mama: Let’s open the card and see who sent the presents.

Woodrow: Wow! It’s Summer from Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life!

Mama: How cool! Let’s see what Summer and her human sent.
Woodrow: ∗rip rip rip∗
Mama: Look at all the goodies! Wand toys, springies and your favorite treats!

Woodrow: So much awesome stuff! Let’s check out one of the wand toys. Hold it for me.
Mama: Perhaps you want to actually get up and play?
Woodrow: Nah. Just move it closer. CLOSER!

Mama: I bet you’ll get up for a treat.
Woodrow: ∗zoom∗

Thank you, Summer!

A big thank you to Summer and her human for sending all of the toys, the treats – and a unique and beautiful necklace for the human!

A little blooper fun

Olive says she’s too fast for the camera, but she had a ball with the wand toy.

Thank you to Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula at Sweet Purrfections for organizing Secret Paws! (Who just may or may not be the recipient of our Secret Paws package this year!)

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  • Oh my! What a wonderful Secret Paws package of goodies you got this year! Looks like everything was a BIG HIT and a whole lot of fun too. Glad you had a great Christmas....... :)

    Love, Teddy and Mom

  • Very sweet! Secret Paws is a fun idea. Woodrow loving the Churu! Great action pictures of Olive... that funny sweet face! Glad the Chatty Cats had a Merry Christmas!

  • Woodrow reminds me of my old cat Hazel. Her idea of exercise was to move her paw 3 inches! What wonderful gifts!

  • The instant I saw the Hello Kitty paper I knew it was Summer! You got great prezzies! I think this is only the second time we didn't participate, maybe next year!

  • You all got great gifts from Summer. Love your video, Woodrow, but what's with looking behind you after each slurp? Were you checking you hadn't left any splashes of yum?

  • OH WOW, You made out. What nice gifts you got from your Secret Paw. Summer spoiled you. We spoiled our Secret Paw I know.

  • I'm glad you enjoyed your gifts! That little purple slinky thing on the wand is one of my favorite types of toys too.

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