Chatty Cats: Pizza, Cuteness and More!

Happy Friday! If you missed it, check out our “12 Days” recap and winner list from yesterday (with results from our commentathon too). The promotion was a lot of work to put together so last minute, but I’m happy it worked out and that so many awesome companies participated.

Now, I’m gonna go nap for a week with the cats. Only kind of joking…I’m off work all next week on vacation! And by vacation, I mean a staycation. But I will certainly enjoy the time off.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Pizza Night

Harley: It’s pizza night, I see.
Mama: You’re in my spot.
Harley: It’s pizza night, I see.
Mama: I’ll let you sniff it, but no lickies.
Harley: …
Mama: No lickies!
Harley: Sure, no lickies.

Sophie Cuddles

Mama: You okay, Dexter?
Dexter: I’m fine. This is fine.

Not In the Mood

Mama: Smile!
Woodrow: …
Mama: Okay, I’m going.

Non-Scardey Cat

Mama: I’m done vacuuming. You can come out now.
Sophie: I wasn’t scared.
Mama: You scurried under there pretty quickly.
Sophie: I was just tucking myself in. 💤

I vacuumed this morning and Sophie crawled under the blanket. I came back later and found her like this. 😹😻

Too Much Cuteness

Mama: Sometimes I just can’t even with you.
Harley: I don’t know what that means.
Mama: You’re too cute! Your face, your paws! Your little crossed eyes!
Harley: It’s a lot. I get it. Take all the time you need.

Beds in Boxes

Mama: You look very comfy.
Olive: This bed-in-a-box thing is awesome. You should try it…
Mama: You’re inviting me in?
Olive: …with your own bed.

Sweet Dexter

Mama: Dexter, you’ve been sitting there for hours.
Dexter: Sophie says I need to stand guard while she’s belly up.
Sophie: No sneak attack belly rubs!
Mama: You think Dexter can stop me?
Dexter: ∗whispering∗ Mama, she’s paying me 2 cents an hour. Just pretend with me.
Mama: That’s not a lot of money.
Sophie: It’s all I could scrounge up from under the couch until I find my misplaced purse! Thankyouverymuch!

Bonus Friday Blooper

Another one of Olive in her bed in a box…telling me to stay out!

Stay safe, everyone!

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