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12 Days of Giveaways Recap and Winners

Our 12 Days of Giveaways has officially ended. All of the winners have been selected and contacted – and some may already have their items! Thank you to everyone who entered.

I especially want to give a huge thank you to all of the brands who participated in 12 Days of Giveaways. I didn’t decide to do the promotion until the very end of October, which had me scrambling. I started contacting companies and was blown away by their quick responses and eagerness to participate. Their generosity in this difficult year should not go unnoticed!

Now, let’s revisit each company and item (with blooper photos) – and announce the winners! Again, thank you to everyone who entered.

Day 1: Yeowww! Catnip

Providing irresistible catnip toys and organic catnip.
Read the Yeowww! Catnip review
Giveaway item: Three catnip toys
Winner: Gina T.

tabby cat and white cat playing

Visit Yeowww! Catnip on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 2: Georgia’s Cat Corner

An online shop for cat lovers.
Read the Georgia’s Cat Corner review
Giveaway item: $40 gift certificate
Winner: Lisa P.

white cat sniffing oven mitt

Visit Georgia’s Cat Corner on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest!

Day 3: RescueBox

A monthly subscription box for your pet that helps feed shelter animals.
Read the RescueBox review
Giveaway item: November RescueBox
Winners: Carolyn S. and Kevin H.

tabby cat with rescuebox

Visit RescueBox on Facebook and Instagram!

Day 4: CatLadyBox

A subscription box for the cat lady.
Read the CatLadyBox review
Giveaway item: $45 gift certificate
Winner: Vicky D.

tabby cat in catladybox box

Visit CatLadyBox on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 5: Pioneer Pet

Drinking fountains, scratching posts, pet feeders, toys and more!
Read the Pioneer Pet review
Giveaway item: Big Max™ Durable Ceramic Drinking Fountain
Winner: Cindy P.

white cat grooming blooper

Visit Pioneer Pet on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 6: Primetime Petz and Hauspanther

Stylish furniture for your cats!
Read the Primetime Petz/Hauspanther review
Giveaway item: NestEgg Raised Cat Bed & Side Table
Winner: Brooke R.

tabby cat blooper photo

Visit Primetime Petz on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!
Visit Hauspanther on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 7: My Dirty Paws Fundraiser (and Commentathon)

An art project about shelter and rescue animals created by Stacy Tang.
Read the My Dirty Paws review
Giveaway item: Are U Kitten Me? Tote Bag
Winners: Aaron M. and Sandy W.

An update on the commentathon! We had 66 comments on the blog post, which equals $1 for each one. I will round up to an even $100.00 and make a donation to Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. Thank you to everyone who commented.

No bloopers from this one…just a reminder of how beautiful Stacy’s art is!

Visit My Dirty Paws on Facebook and Instagram!

Day 8: Catit

Providing anything and everything a cat parent would need.
Read the Catit review
Giveaway item: Vesper Cottage
Winner: Molly P.

tabby cat blooper photo

Visit Catit on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 9: PetFusion

Cat scratchers, pet feeders, beds, blankets, litter boxes and more!
Read the PetFusion review
Giveaway item: Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post
Winner: Vicky C.

white cat with cat tree

Visit PetFusion on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 10: Sure Petcare

Offering pet parents a variety of “connected” products.
Read the Sure Petcare review
Giveaway item: SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
Winner: Jeff S.

white cat with microchip pet feeder

Visit Sure Petcare on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 11: Sleepypod

Stylish, luxury pet beds and carriers.
Read the Sleepypod review
Giveaway item: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed
Winner: Katherine K.

two cats with Sleepypod

Visit Sleepypod on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Day 12: Litter-Robot

An automatic, self-cleaning litter box!
Read the Litter-Robot review
Giveaway item: Litter-Robot 3 Connect
Winner: Cathy T.

tabby cat using Litter-Robot

Visit Litter-Robot on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

Let’s not forget about the cats…

Thank you to my fabulous product testers and models! Woodrow and Sophie really went above and beyond. They are the perfect cats to have around for photoshoots. And a shoutout to Dexter, Olive and Harley for being…cute cats. Hehe.

white cat and tabby cat touching noses

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this awesome give away. Inky and Toots are looking forward to their new cat tree/scratching post.

  2. We were so excited to win a Rescue Box! Thank you for having such a fun giveaway, and congrats to all of the other winners. :)