Chatty Cats: Wiggles, Thanksgiving and More!

Happy Friday! First off, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving here in the U.S. yesterday. We certainly did! We adjusted our celebration (as times call for) and had a wonderful outdoor feast with my in-laws.

Also, don’t forget that our 12 Days of Giveaways starts in four days! The cats have been busy reviewing and modeling, and they’re very excited to start sharing the items on Tuesday next week (December 1st). While most of the giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, we have two that Canadian residents can enter and one for the U.K. as well!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Flashback Friday Foster Win

It’s Flashback Friday time. Three years ago on this date, we brought home Harley as a foster cat (we adopted him about two months later). Look how much he’s changed in three years! Pic 1: The car ride home on Nov 20, 2017. Pic 2: The next day with us in foster. Look how different his coloring was on his face. And he’s fattened up since then, too! Pic 3: From about 5 minutes ago wondering why I’m interrupting his naptime.

Dinnertime Committee

Dexter: Mama, I’ve been sent to remind you that it’s dinnertime.
Mama: You’ve been sent?
Dexter: By the dinnertime committee.
Mama: What does that even mean?
Dexter: We’re a committee about dinnertime. I mean about eating dinner at a specific time. I mean…
Mama: Huh?
Dexter: Shoot, I knew I’d mess this up. Olive’s gonna be so mad.

tabby cat waiting for dinner

Wiggle Time

Sophie: ∗wiggle wiggle∗
Mama: Hurry up, Sophie.
Sophie: ∗wiggle wiggle∗
Mama: I’ve been moving this toy for like five minutes.
Sophie: You can’t rush the wiggle, Mama!

white cat wiggle butt

Um, Thanks?

Woodrow: MA!!
Mama: Yes?
Woodrow: Dinner was delicious! Compliments to the can opener.
Mama: Okay…

funny tabby cat yawning

Tuesday Grumps

Mama: You look a little grumps.
Olive: I am a little grumps.
Mama: Why?
Olive: Can’t a girl be grumps?
Mama: Of course. I just thought I might be able to help you un-grumps.
Olive: Nope. No un-grumping today. It’s a firm grumps day.

beautiful tortie cat


Harley: Hey, Mama!
Mama: Head bonk?
Harley: Yes, please.
Mama: ∗bonk∗

blooper siamese cat photo

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sophie: Mama, bring me my stretchy pants. It’s time for turkey!
Mama: Remember, Cat Dad and I are vegetarians.
Sophie: Buhhhh…
Mama: Sophie?
Sophie: Buhhhh…
#turkeylessthanksgiving #ibrokethecat

dumbfounded white cat with blue eyes

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We’re thankful for you and all of the love you show the cats. We hope you have a wonderful holiday! And don’t worry, the kitties will get lots of treats today.

Bonus Friday Photo

Harley kind of reminds me of a turkey here. Is it just me? Btw, Harley had his one-month checkup and his kidney levels improved a bit with the increased fluids! So, we’ll stick with every other day for now and have another checkup in a few months.

siamese cat shrimp

Stay safe, everyone!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Wiggles, Thanksgiving and More!

  1. Looks like a good Thanksgiving was had by all ! EVEN “the Grumps” couldn’t keep Sophie from having fun. Thanks for sharing your crew with us – it’s a highlight every single time………………..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Good news on Harley, we’re sending purrs and pawsitives his way. Everyone is too funny, poor Dexter! I hope that Sophie is unbroken soon – MOL!

  3. You are right Olive, if it is a grumpy day nothing will ungrump it. Harley does look very different.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day! I am so happy to read Harley’s numbers improved some. Woodrow, you are too funny- compliments to the can opener. :) Have a nice weekend. XO

  5. Harley we are so glad you found your forever home and, hey kid, look at you now! Sophie I like to just start ignoring the toy and walk away. Drives Dad nuts. Woodrow that was Excellent! Tasted that way too. Olive have you been emailing Miss Fitz, our Grump? Sophie ya gotta go with the flow.
    So good to hear the news about Harley. Wonderful and lots of purrs and prayers from us all.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Vegetarian Meal day

  6. Sophie, some toys just take more wiggling. We totally get it!

    And that is so fascinating that Harley’s face coloring has changed so much. Yay for putting on some weight!

  7. guyz….we hope everee one had a pie filled, spud filled, non BURD holly day; we iz glad yur peepulz got ta see sum peepulz coz peepulz tryin ta see peepulz heer late lee seemz ta bee an izzue bout peepulz ;) ♥♥

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