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Chatty Cats: Dancing, Judgy and More!

Happy Friday! Well, it’s been quite a week. On Monday, two wildfires broke out here in Orange County, California. We’re about 10 minutes away from one – and 15 minutes from the other. We don’t live near the evacuation areas (and all mandatory evacs have already been lifted). The fires were aided by wind gusts of up to 88 miles per hour! And because of the high winds, a portion of our backyard fence broke. I’ll take that over a wildfire any day, though. The air quality is awful. We had actual fire debris (not just ash) falling in our area. On a more trivial note, it looks like our outdoor Halloween plans for Saturday are canceled. I hope you had a better week in your area. And for those of you who are able to celebrate, have a safe and happy Halloween!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Gamer Cat

Mama: Sophie, can you move?
Sophie: Why?
Mama: I’m trying to play my video game!
Sophie: How old are you?
Mama: Old enough to have a credit card to buy you a new purse.
Sophie: Touché, Mama, touché.

white cat in front of Animal Crossing game

Any Animal Crossing fans out there? I’ve never played video games before, but my husband knew I’d love this game and bought it for me for my birthday back in May. It has been a wonderful distraction during this pandemic. Yes, my character is wearing cat ears. Yes, my character is wearing a Halloween cat sweater. And yes, I named my character Sophie. 😹 Who wants to island hop?

Thoughtful Cat

Woodrow: Mama, these are all mine.
Mama: Okay.
Woodrow: Except that one. You can have that one.
Mama: That’s a hairball.
Woodrow: Teehee.

tabby cat in toy basket

Pretty Cat

Olive: You’re so pretty.
Olive: I know.

tortie cat looking at reflection in TV

Dancing Cat

Oh, just Dexter dancing on a Monday. (That last one, though.)

Awoken Cat

Mama: 📸
Harley: Who disturbs my slumber?
Mama: Um, it was Cat Dad.

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Judgy Cat

Wednesday is not complete without a little Woodrow side-eye.

tabby cat giving side-eye

Bored Cat

Mama: What are you doing?
Sophie: Being bored.
Mama: Can you do that somewhere else? I’m trying to work.
Sophie: Where should I go?
Mama: Anywhere.
Sophie: I choose here.
Mama: Anywhere else.
Sophie: Where’s that?
Mama: SOPHIE!!!

white cat in front of computer

Bonus Friday Photo

Here’s how the wildfire smoke turned our house orange for a bit.

siamese cat in orange sunlight

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. Oh those fires were a bit too close for comfort….so glad you’re all safe! As for the cats – they are better entertianment than a video game BUT having said that, hubby and I are doing video games to keep us out of trouble these days too. Having FUN keeps us SANE(ish). Love Dexter’s dance moves – he’s got ’em !! Stay safe……..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I’m glad you didn’t have to evac! I was really worried about embers sparking up in Laguna.

    I had a big breakthru with a feral this week… I was finally able to pet her with being swatted at or bitten!!!

    1. OH wonderful my little feral has allowed me to reach the same place, and i was able to pick her up just a second without claws in my hand.. Continued good luck with your feral.

  3. We have those kicker sticks all over our house. They are a big favorite here. I’ve been following the fires on the news and hoping none of my bloggers friends are affected.

  4. Here’s hoping the wildfires get doused soon; cannot imagine what it’s like to live near that!
    Lucky for me, Sweetie doesn’t jump onto my work desk, although she does meowl a lot when I’m in a meeting!

  5. Wildfires that close are scary, stay safe all! There was some pretty funny activities this week gang, you made me smile once again.

  6. guyz…..all de conversationz thiz week bee awesum !!!! trooth…N WHOA…we iz sorree bout all de firez bee in that kinda close two ewe but we R all sew glad ewe alliz safe and aye oh kay…..thatz GOTTA bee scaree ….stay safe anda happee howl o wen ☺☺♥♥

  7. Dexter, you are much too lively for a Monday! I am glad you are safe from those fires and hope you remain so.

  8. Sorry you are so close to the fires. That air must be awful. Nice dancing Dexter and how generous of you to let your mama have a hairball. :) Have a Happy Halloween despite all restrictions- you can still give out treats to the kitties. XO

  9. Those wild fires must be scary. I’m glad you’re all safe. Loved your chat this week. Think we’ll try some dance moves definitely not be as good as Dexter you’re a star. Hugs and Purrs. Spike & Mom x

  10. MOL…thank cat the hairball was for free,,,,MOL…Great conversations, sweet furriends. We’re under the table again…of laughing ;) The fires sound so scary, we hope it will rain soon, we’re getting really worried for you all🙏
    👻Extra Spooky Pawkisses for a Happy Halloween to all of you👻🐾😽💞

  11. Haha, Sophie. She who has the credit card is the boss, when it matters, huh? Didja eta new purse? ;-)

    Dexter, you got some dance skillz, dude!

    Happy Meowloween! XO