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Chatty Cats: Grumpy, Hungry and More!

Happy Friday! Harley had a kidney values check and follow-up echocardiogram on Wednesday. As a reminder, Harley has chronic kidney disease and the vet suspected (last year) early hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. So, he had his second echo this week to ensure we can keep treating his CKD with subcutaneous fluids. The echo showed no advancement in his heart disease, so that’s great! However, his kidney disease has progressed a bit. So, we will be increasing his fluids to every other day instead of three times a week. And then we’ll do another kidney check in a month to see if that extra little bit helps. Everything else in his senior exam was great, so we’re happy for that at least.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Grumpy Dexter vs. Curious Dexter

Something made a noise behind me and he had to check it out. He put his grumpy face back on when it no longer interested him. He’s my grumpy boy and I love him. ❤️

Undercover Sophie

Mama: What are you doing?
Sophie: Nothing to see here.
Mama: No really, what are you doing?
Sophie: No really, move along.
#neveradullmoment #themischievousgoofball

white cat with blue eyes grooming paw

Always Hungry

Harley: Mama, can I have a snack?
Mama: You just ate dinner.
Harley: I’m still hungry.
Mama: But you didn’t even finish.
Harley: Exactly. That’s why I’m still hungry.
Mama: I mean, I guess that makes sense.
Harley: I’m pleased you understand.
Mama: You’re not getting a snack.

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Dramatic Olive

Mama: What’s wrong?
Olive: Woodrow looked at me!!
Mama: …and?
Olive: That’s all!!
Mama: Overreact much?
Olive: Maybe!!

tortie cat with airplane ears

Woodrow simply walked by Olive, she hissed at him and then turned and gave me this look. She’s not a fan of his. Poor Woodrow.

Harley’s Big Day

Mama: Are you still mad at me?
Harley: What does my face say?
Mama: That you’re fluffy and cute.
Harley: Drat! My face has betrayed me!

grumpy siamese cat with airplane ears

Harley went to the vet today for a kidney values check (for his chronic kidney disease) and an echocardiogram (for his heart disease). His echo was good – no changes! We’ll have his kidney values back tomorrow.

Tired Dexter vs. Angry Dexter

Dexter: No photos today, Mama.
Mama: ∗click∗ 📸
Dexter: I said no photos!!!

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Here are some outtakes from our recent product review on Monday. Be sure to enter our giveaway by October, 28th!

Woodrow: Back off, dis is mine.
Sophie: Let me touch it, Woodrow! Just a teensy touchy.
Woodrow: No!

Olive: You gonna let her touch it? Huh, are ya?
Woodrow: Yes, ma’am!

Sophie: Mama, how do I get in this carrier? I can’t find the opening. It’s kinda twicky.
Mama: ∗sigh∗

white cat inspecting box

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. harley we are with you… our stomachs say it is snack time.. always… and stomachs never lie, right? we send lots of potp to you and we hope the vet has super good news for you next month…

  2. Harley Mom and I are happy to hear your heart is ticking just right and will hope that the increased fluids will show on re-check that the extra has done the trick! Getting older “stinks” (that’s what Angel Sammy told me anyway!). Mom was sorry that we couldn’t take advantage of entering your cool contest for that carrier but I had my annual vet visit Wednesday and I now weigh 25 lbs. so I might be able to get my HEAD in that thing but the rest of me would just be “excess baggage” !! Hope you all stay happy this coming week……….and safe!

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom helping a little)

  3. I’m so happy to see Harley’s still well!! Do you do subQ at home? Adam never learned to tolerate it. I’m envious of the people with vets near enough to swing by and let them admin fluids!!

    We have new additions here: Toonces, a male brown/gray tabby who arrived in May; and Little Black Kitty, a feral female who I’m sloooowly taming. I worked with a TNR group and got 3 females & 2 males fixed, 1 of those females adopted and her son to foster. It was nice to be productive for awhile… but I really wanted to keep ’em all!!

    1. Yes, we do the fluids at home. If needed, I can do them by myself. But it’s so much easier with my husband keeping him calm and holding him in place or distracting him with treats. Welcome to your new arrivals!!

  4. dood….sew de vizit two de palce ih eeeeevil waz good N …oh kay…..hay, st francis’ blessings two ewe; we understand bout de kidneez stuff; heerz hopin de extree bit oh
    fluidz helpz BUNCHES !! ♥♥

  5. You are all such cute kitties. I will keep Harley in my prayers. Dexter, you are too adorable. to be grumpy. Have a nice weekend. XO

  6. We’re glad Harley’s vet exam generally went well. Good news about his heart. Sorry that his kidney levels are creeping up. Gracie, who is 20, has CKD, too, but knock on wood, is doing okay.