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Chatty Cats: Autumn, Counting and More!

Happy Friday! Another quiet week here at the Three Chatty Cats household. (We like quiet.) So, let’s get right to it…here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Who Dat?

Mama: Hi, Olive.
Sophie: Excuse me?!?
Mama: My bad! You look so prim and proper right now. I thought you were Olive.
Sophie: How’s this?
Mama: THERE’S my Sophie!

Caturday Evening

Handsome Woodrow

tabby cat resting in evening sunlight

Feel Better?

Harley: Mama, I think the world needs a pick-me-up.
Mama: Any ideas?
Harley: ME!!!

blooper selfie of siamese cat

Always Important

Dexter: Mama, hold my calls. I’m gonna take a quick snoozie.
Mama: You don’t get any calls.
Dexter: I know. But I like to sound important.
Mama: You’re important to me.
Dexter: Apparently not enough to call me.

snoozing tabby cat

Autumn Tortie

Mama: Do you know what today is?
Olive: Tortie Tuesday.
Mama: Sure, but…
Olive: Tongue Out Tuesday.
Mama: Today is the first day of fall!
Olive: Fall…Tuesday? I don’t get it.
Mama: Fall like autumn.
Olive: Pumpkin spice!!!

tortie tongue out tuesday

A for Effort

Mama: Whatcha doing?
Woodrow: Counting my toe beans.
Mama: How many do you have?
Woodrow: So far, 3.
Mama: So far?
Woodrow: ∗whispering∗ I can only count to 3.

tabby cat counting toe beans

Remember Me Thursday

Harley: Mama, I know today is a special day…
Mama: Yep, it’s Remember Me Thursday.
Harley: But I don’t like thinking about my time in the shelter.
Mama: I know. But that’s exactly why today is important. It’s a day to get the world talking about pet adoption!
Harley: Well, if I can help more pets be adopted, then I’m in. Let’s do this!
#SeeTheLight #RememberMeThursday

#RememberMeThursday #SeeTheLight

Harley came to us as a foster cat in November 2017, likely at least 10 years old. Just that year alone, this blue-eyed beauty had been adopted and returned twice to Best Friends in Los Angeles. The first adopters said he was too shy and peed when scared. The second adopters were moving in with someone who had allergies and said they couldn’t take him. Harley really needed a break in a foster home and we were happy to host him. We also learned that while at Best Friends, Harley was a hero to a young, fading kitten who needed a blood transfusion. (#HeroHarley)

We fostered Harley for about 3 months before deciding we were his forever home. So, gone forever was shelter life for Harley. Now, fully settled in, Harley pretty much does what he wants, gets what he wants and is our resident bossy pants cat. We couldn’t love him any more. So, the point of the story? Go out and find yourself a Harley! Adopt your next pet from a rescue or shelter. They will surely thank you with endless love and head bonks.

Bonus Friday Photo

Dexter, laundry supervisor

tabby cat on stack of towels

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. dexter that is a good thing to ponder about… we want phone calls too if we are important… but we have not even a phone… welll… there is still room on da wishlist for santa right?

  2. Wonderful photos this week! Love the toe bean counter and the laundry supervisor but Harley takes the cake with his photo for Remember Me Thursday. He was a lucky boy to find you. We adopted Angel Sammy and Teddy from our local shelter – so much love in those cages just waiting for a home!!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Pam took the words right out of my mouth on all accounts. Babies are lucky to have you, and we know you’re lucky to have them, too. Pumpkin spice, Olive, pumpkin spice! And Sophie, it’s good to see that both sides of your purrsonality are strong.

  4. All my cats were adopted and most were considered “hard to adopt” for one reason or another. They are all perfect. New cat Gus lingered for 3 years in a shelter (since he was 8 weeks old) and I don’t know why. The rescue is persnickety to work with and I wonder if they tried hard enough. They had a lot of good looking older cats without any behavioral issues to adopt out. They made me jump through hoops to adopt so I wonder if that discourages potential adopters who go to another rescue.

  5. Oh Harley, I never knew your story, I just love happy endings! Everyone is so extremely cute this week, have a wonderful weekend!

  6. It was nice to hear Harley’s story. I hadn’t heard it before. Good luck with the counting. Woodrow.

  7. I would call you, Dexter! And counting to 3 is more than enough, Woodrow. When you’re that adorable you don’t need to do anything else!

  8. We love Harley’s adoption story. Dexter, you and your mom cracked us up with your chat about holing your calls. :)