Chatty Cats: Muffins, Adventures and More!

Happy Friday! It’s a three-day holiday weekend here in the U.S. for Labor Day. There are a lot of warnings about avoiding big crowds and gatherings. We’ll stay in, as usual. It’s also going to be really hot here this weekend – over 100 degrees. So, we’d likely be staying in anyway. I hope you have a safe (and cool) weekend wherever you are!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Nice Try

Mama: What are you waiting for?
Dexter: Food.
Mama: I already fed you.
Dexter: More food.
Mama: Evening snackies are in a few hours.
Dexter: I’ll wait.
Mama: You’re just gonna stand there?
Dexter: I’m trying to guilt-trip you.
Mama: I’ll see you in a few hours.

handsome tabby cat with green eyes

You Can Do It!

Sophie: Mama, help.
Mama: You got it!
Sophie: I can’t reach!
Mama: Use both paws.
Sophie: Got it!

white cat grooming with tiny blep

Impossible Task

Mama: I can’t even…
Harley: What’s wrong, Mama?
Mama: You’re just too cute!
Harley: I’m sorry. I’ll try to tone it down. Haguggggg! … Ugh, I can’t do it, Mama!

cute siamese cat with blue eyes

Muffin Mystery

Mama: Okay, who ate the muffins?!
Woodrow: Why are you looking at me? It could’ve been anyone.
Mama: Mm-hmm.
Woodrow: You left them out. They were mine for the tasting.
Mama: You had to taste 3 of them?
Woodrow: I’m a budding baker. I must sample a wide variety. By the way, kudos, Mama. The zucchini muffins are delish.
Mama: They’re banana muffins.

Poor Olive

Olive: Mama, do you see what I have to put up with!
Mama: What’s that?
Olive: Sophie! She’s so unladylike! She’s over there airing out.
Mama: So?
Olive: ∗whispering∗ It’s a sight I can’t unsee, Mama.

Sophie’s face is dirty from rolling around in the catio. Probably something else Olive doesn’t approve of.

Not Employee of the Month

Look who fell asleep on the job today. He even slept through a very important conference call. And then he had the nerve to ask me for a raise when he woke up!
#dexter #sleepingonthejob

tabby cat sleeping on shelf

Adventure Cat

Sophie: I’s going on an adventure!
Mama: Cool. Where to?
Sophie: Wherever they sell french fries. Obvi.

white cat in harness

white cat in harness

Bonus Friday Photo

“Where are the french fries?!?”

white cat on leash

Stay safe, everyone!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Muffins, Adventures and More!

  1. What a great week it has been in your house. Your emails make me feel like I have five extra kitties myself. Thank you for sharing them with us everyday and every week.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and stay safe!

  2. Well as usual it’s “all go” at your place…..workers who sleep through work, muffin-tasters who sample multiple muffins uninvited, and of course my fave which is the photo of “THE FEET IN THE BOX”. Yep – no matter what kind of week I’ve had, your weekly update makes it SO worth it!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  3. dood….de muffin on de left haz two much mizzin from itz top.. ta bee chewed upon bye one cat…..tell yur mom ta take a clozer look ;) hope ewe getz a brake frum de nastee heet N heerz two a grate week end for all ~~~~~~~~ :) ♥♥

  4. I so very much love your posts with your kitties. Hot here too, 100+ heat indices for the last few days. We stay inside too
    Love Sophie and her pretty red harness on the hunt or rench fries.

  5. Dexter with treats, Woodrow with muffins and Sophie with french fries, definitely a food focused week for you cutiesl Although Olive and Harley were focused on cute vs. non-cute behavior, food was not a priority there, MOL!

  6. Oh that intro pic of beans sticking out of a basket is killing me!!

    A cat friendly neighbor moved away and dogs moved in so my pets + strays + ferals kitty count is currently 13!!

  7. Woodrow, you are too funny with the muffins- thanks for the much needed chuckle. ANd thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Polar Bear. Have a nice, long weekend. XO

  8. Dexter, Ava plays that snack game, too. She’ll stare at us, and then when we look, she looks upstairs (at where her food dish and the dry snack are). MOL!

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