Chatty Cats: Searching, Check-Ins and More!

We’ve arrived at another Friday, but I hesitate to say “Happy Friday!” as usual. So much going on right now. Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the wildfires and hurricanes. Hopefully, this weekend will be a restful one for everyone.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week.

Tsk Tsk

Woodrow: Mama, I’m disappointed in you.
Mama: Now what?
Woodrow: You just ate three slices of pizza and no cheese made it to my mouth.

disappointed tabby cat

Latest Search Technique

Sophie: Mama, is my purse under here?
Mama: No.
Sophie: What about over here?

Smarty Pants

Dexter: Geez, Mama. Gross!
Mama: What’s gross?
Dexter: The state of your closet. I count 5 pieces of kitty litter on the ground.
Mama: And who’s fault is that?
Dexter: Yours. You taught me how to count.

tabby cat in closet

Hang in there!

Mondays can be hard. So here is a beautiful tortie to brighten your day. (I feel like she’s trying to ignore Sophie in the background.)

pretty tortie cat

Checking In

Harley: Mama, I think we need to check in with all our friends out there.
Mama: Go for it.
Harley: Friends, it’s me! Harley! I’m checking in. Are you all doing okay? Getting lots of kitty cuddles and head bonkaroos?
#semiblurry #100percentadorable

adorable close-up of siamese cat

Work From Home Life

Mama: Dexter, you need to find a new chair.
Dexter: But I have this one broken in just the way I like it.
Mama: I literally stood for 4 hours today while working.
Dexter: Oh really? This is my caring face. Just kidding, I love you. ∗whispering∗ But I also love dis chair.

tabby cat with green eyes

For those wondering how I could stand while working at my computer, I have a standing height desk. However, that does not mean I want to stand for 4 straight hours!

Over It

Sophie: Mama, is it Friday yet?
Mama: Same, Sophie. Same.

white cat in box

Bonus Friday Blooper

Another failed selfie attempt!

white cat attempting selfie #blooper

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Searching, Check-Ins and More!

  1. As usual we had fun checking in with all of you! Hopefully Sophie found her purse – or at least ONE of them! Please tell Harley that we are fine here and appreciate him checking in on us. Life is sure different but we still have fun here at home.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. Harley, you are so sweet to check on all of us. We are okay, but we’re sure many need your thoughts and prayers. As for the rest of the crew, we love you! Dexter, sleep on Mommy’s computer for a while then she can sit.

  3. Oh i so look forward to Fridays and checking in on the kitties. they are so wonderul,(i won’t say that outloud, don’t want to give htem a big(ger) head). Everyone stay safe.

  4. Sophie’s blooper is a keeper; I took one like that of Angel when she was very young, and remembering her wee pink nose pushing at the camera brings a smile to my face every time!

  5. guyz….total lee awesum chatz thiz week; bye each oh ewe; we hope ewe R all safe and happee and healthee az well…..

    sophie; oh my cod you didn’t have cash and or credit cards in your purse did you ~~~~~~~
    hugs from dai$y =^.*= ♥♥

  6. We have to say that Sophie has taken our hearts this week. She is just so cute. Harley you take second and the others let me say there was only a 0.003 point spread between first and last

  7. Woodrow, I didn’t know a Mom could NOT share cheese from her pizza with a cat, hmmm. Sophie and her purse – MOL! Dexter, I’m impressed on only 5 granules of litter, that would be awesome! Beautiful Olive with her photobombing Princess Sophie in the background, awww. Harley, you are such a kind-hearted kitty, hugs. 4 HOURS Dexter, c’mon! Purrfect photo of Sophie waiting for Friday, and a cute little Sophie nose boop! Thanks everyone, you helped me through another week!

  8. Nice to see you up close and purrsonal Harley. Sophie, you are quite the muffin maker, too cute. Have a nice weekend. I hope you are all safe from the fires. XO

  9. Harley, thanks for checking in, pal. We are hanging in there, too. We are grateful to you all for making us smile. Hugs and purrs to you. Stay safe!

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