Chatty Cats: Tacos, Shopping and More!

Happy Friday! Two notable things happened this week. First, I made a Target run on Sunday for the first time in over 4 months! I have not been inside a retail or grocery store since March 22nd. I felt fine in the store (everyone was in a mask), but since I really can get everything delivered, I likely won’t go for another 4 months, haha. The second (and more important) thing…Ross and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on Wednesday! Maybe saying “celebrated” is too big a word, if you know what I mean. #pandemicanniversary #nowheretogo

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Queen Olive

Mama: Beauty queen.
Olive: Who, me?
Mama: No, Sophie.
Olive: Hey!
Mama: Just kidding.
Olive: I should think so!
Mama: Sophie’s beautiful too.
Olive: I know. But I’m the queen.

gorgeous tortie cat

In Full Bloom

A pretty Sophie flower.

The Forgotten Cat

Dexter: Mama, did you forget I’m out here?
Mama: No.
Dexter: I’ve been crying to come in.
Mama: Then walk over to the door. It’s two paws to your right.
Dexter: That’s so far.
Mama: I think you’ll make it.
Dexter: Send snackies!

tabby cat crying in catio

Taco Monday

Woodrow: What’s for dinner?
Mama: Tacos.
Woodrow: Is it Tuesday?
Mama: No.
Woodrow: I thought we could only have tacos on Tuesday.
Mama: We can have tacos any night we want.
Woodrow: Mind. Blown.
Mama: Get off the counter.

tabby cat on kitchen counter

Savvy Shopper

Harley: Mama, who’s at the door?
Mama: I think it’s the UPS person.
Harley: Grrr…
Mama: What if they’re delivering treats?
Harley: Are they?
Mama: Probably not. I didn’t order any.
Harley: That’s okay. I already did.
Mama: Hey!
Harley: I ordered them in bulk for the free shipping. So you’re welcome.

blue-eyed siamese cat

Pay Attention!

Olive: Mama, are you paying attention?
Mama: Um, yes.
Olive: You just yawned.
Mama: I can yawn and listen at the same time.
Olive: What did I just say?
Mama: You just yawned.
Olive: ∗sigh∗
Mama: ∗giggles∗

tortie cat staring down

Bored Cat

Sophie: I’m bored.
Mama: Congratulations.
Sophie: Entertain me.
Mama: I’m working.
Sophie: That’s not very entertaining.
Mama: Go away.
Sophie: Rude much?!

bored white cat in box

Bonus Friday Photo

How adorable is this guy sleeping?

sleeping tabby cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Tacos, Shopping and More!

  1. Oh what adorable photos of the gang. Up to their usual antics of course! I hope you and Ross had a wonderful (and I’m sure quiet!) anniversary. Celebrations these days are a little more “up close and personal” since “out and about and living it up” is not the thing to do! Anyway, happy Friday.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Happy anniversary…I don’t know how close you are to the beach, but a stroll at sunset would be eventful. Such a weird summer; non-summer. I’m sure you two made the best of it. Hugs to your kitty crew. Cute as always.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Tacos are wonderful no matter what day it is, agreed! Olive, you are the queen. Sophie, sweet little flower, I’m glad you got that thing off your head though. Dexter, my boy cats do the same thing, drives me crazy! Woodrow, you are a sleeping angel and of course Harley – good job keeping supplies in stock – MOL!

  4. You make such a pretty blue flower, Sophie.
    I hope your anniversary celebration was as good as possible in these times.

  5. grate chats thiz week guyz… tho dexter; we hope ewe dinna get eggs hausted buddy :)

    anda MOST happee 15th two yur mom N dad purrsonz…..we hope mom buyed dad a soooper swell tie N we hope dad getted mom a 2021 convertibullz car with sun roof N leatherz interior N all that grate stuff; heerz ta 15 mor anda yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Olive is pretty. She reminds us of the famous Binga. I thought #TacoTuesday was a thing! Have you ever heard the ditty “It’s Raining Tacos”? Check it out on YouTube. You’ll never stop singing it. I play it during #chilipawty.

  7. Happy Anniversary! And honestly…it’s amazing that you haven’t been in a store in 4 months. I was doing a lot of curbside pickups and having things delivered, but sometimes I just had to go to the store to be able to pick out what I wanted. It was a little nerve-racking at first when not everyone was wearing masks, but now everyone is wearing them and I only go in and get out as quickly as I can. ~Island Cat Mom

  8. I wish I could get everything I wanted from Target delivered, but they won’t deliver toilet paper and a lot of things I get from there. Nice to see all you cuties. XO

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