Chatty Cats: Dresses, Superpowers and More!

Happy Friday! As some may have seen on Facebook, we took Sophie to the vet this week for an allergy spot on her side. She came home in a cone and looked quite adorable. (And her allergy spot is already clearing up nicely!) That was our outing for the week. Exciting, no?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Harley Bear

Handsome, cross-eyed boy.

cute cross-eyed siamese cat

Woodrow’s Caturday

A day in the life of Woodrow. Apparently, he didn’t leave this chair today. (Neither did I.)

Treat Monster

Mama: Want some treat?
Olive: Maybe just a nibble.
Mama: Whoa, big nibble!

A Lovely Dress

Mama: Someone looks so nice in their pretty, pretty dress.
Sophie: I hate you.

beautiful white cat in cone of shame

Sophie has a hot spot on her right side from allergies. She went to the vet today for some ointment – and came home in this adorable dress.

Office Chair

Mama: Dexter, can I have my chair back?
Dexter: ∗blink blink∗
Mama: Never mind.

tabby cat with green eyes

Mama’s Wish

Mama: Sometimes I wish I could crawl in that box and curl up with you.
Harley: I’m gonna be honest, Mama. I’ve never once wished that.

handsome siamese cat in box

Goofy Boy

Woodrow: Mama, why do you post so many goofy photos of me?
Mama: Because you do goofy so well.
Woodrow: I really do, don’t I? It’s like my superpower.

goofy tabby cat

Bonus Friday Video

A Dreaming (goofy) Woodrow

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Dresses, Superpowers and More!

  1. Sophie that dress is a beautiful color with your white furs but I’m sure you would prefer being naked! The video of Woodrow dreaming is so sweet – and I often wonder when I see Teddy like that if he’s dreaming of eating a mouse, a treat or if he’s TALKING! Love all the photos and catching up with the gang. Happy weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Oh Olive, that tongue ! We wish you a good recovery, Sophie, and hope you can take that blue dress off very soon. Purrs

  3. Sophie, I’m sorry you had to wear the cone of shame, but very glad you are all better. Olive, you are one treat seeking missile! Everyone is too cute this week, have a great weekend!

  4. dood….yur moovee total lee rox N we gived it 984 pawz UP….we bee lookin for de DVD ree leese later thiz yeer :) nother garte round oh conversationz bye everee one again thiz week

    sophie; my goodness, your dress is …well…it IS blue….hugs to you from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

  5. From Toffee Cat: Hey, Sophie! You look good in that cone. I get eczema so I know how hard it can be – but I’m OK at the moment. Woodrow, you look delightfully mad and Dexter, love your laid-back vibe. xxx

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