Chatty Cats: Goodbyes, Handsome and More!

Well, we’ve arrived at another Friday. I hesitate to say my usual “Happy Friday” because of the news I have to share. We said goodbye to Eddie last week. Here’s what I shared on Facebook over the weekend:

Eddie ran off to the rainbow bridge on Friday. He shared 17 years of his life with us and was our first pet. Eddie played big brother to three cats — and more recently tolerated our last two additions. We adopted Eddie on June 22, 2003. We said goodbye on July 3, 2020. He had a long, full life – and we miss him terribly. RIP, Eddie. (Grass photo is one week after we adopted him. Bow tie photo is after one of his last grooming sessions this year.)

Here’s what the cats were up to this (sad) week.

Mean Mama

Mama: What are you doing?
Woodrow: Giving you my best can-I-haz-some-of-your-food look. Is it working?
Mama: Did I give you any food?
Woodrow: Now I’m giving you my I-haz-a-sad look.
Mama: Aww, that’s a cute one.
Woodrow: It’s supposed to be sad!
Mama: I guess it needs work. Better luck next time!
Woodrow: Mama!!!

cute tabby cat

4th of July Treats

Mama: Olive, want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July?
Olive: I kind of just want the treat that’s in your hand.
Mama: Can you at least say it first?
Olive: Treat!
Mama: ∗sigh∗
#notwhatimeant #happyfourthofjuly

tortie cat begging for treats

More Butter!

Mama: Why are you staring at the neighbors?
Dexter: They’re grilling salmon.
Mama: You seem very concerned.
Dexter: They didn’t use enough butter!
Mama: The horrors.
Dexter: I should write them a letter on how to properly season salmon.
Mama: I think it’ll be okay.
Dexter: It’s not okay. Bring me my typewriter and letterhead!

tabby cat watching neighbors

Box Hideout

Mama: There you are! I’ve been looking for you all day.
Harley: You could’ve called me.
Mama: I did. Like 10 times!
Harley: Ooo, so close. I would’ve responded on the 11th time.
Mama: Somehow I doubt that.
Harley: Well, now we’ll never know.

handsome siamese cat in box

Our Little Secret

Mama: Sophie, did you ask Harley for permission to get in his box?
Sophie: I don’t need no stinkin’ permission!!
Mama: …
Sophie: ∗whispering∗ Don’t tell him, kay?

white cat with blue eyes in box

Handsome and Sweet

Mama: Who’s the handsomest boy cat in all of the land?
Woodrow: Harley!
Mama: I’m talking about you!
Woodrow: But Harley says it’s him. So it must be true.
Mama: Aww, you’re the sweetest.
Woodrow: No, Harley says that’s Olive.
Mama: So what are you?
Woodrow: He says simple. Isn’t that great?!

adorable tabby cat

The Plan

Mama: Someone’s on high alert.
Olive: There’s an introoder in the house!
Mama: It’s just the plumber.
Olive: You’ve locked me in your office!
Mama: It’s for your own safety, so you don’t get out.
Olive: Or is it for his safety? Let me at him!
Mama: Are you going to attack him with your cuteness?
Olive: Perhaps that’s exactly my plan!

pretty tortie cat

Bonus Friday Photos

Here are some photos of Eddie with his cat siblings.

terrier and tabby kitten lying together
Eddie teaching 3-month-old Dexter how to relax ~ September 2010
terrier dog and tortie cat sharing bed
Senior Eddie sharing his bed with Olive ~ January 2019
white kitten with terrier mix
8-month-old Sophie with Eddie ~ January 2015
terrier mix with tabby cat
Eddie with newcomer Woodrow ~ September 2017
blooper photo terrier mix in box
Eddie trying to figure out why cats like to sit in boxes ~ June 2019
handsome terrier mix
RIP, Eddie.

Stay safe, everyone!

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32 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Goodbyes, Handsome and More!

  1. Oh that last photo on this post is so dear and darling – I see a LOT of love in those dark eyes……I know Eddie sure had some fun with the cats when they arrived one by one but I also just bet he enjoyed being “big brother” to each and every one. So sorry for your loss – it’s so hard – I know. Love the other conversations this past week as always. Your kitty crew knows just what to say ALWAYS.

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  2. We always enjoy your chats and you out did yourselves during a sad week. We’re all so very sorry that dear Eddie had to depart and we all send hugs to you.

  3. Eddie’s picture at the end says it all. He loved his family with all his heart. What a long life he had….but no matter, no length of time is ever enough. Big hugs my friend.

    The others sure had their say this week like always. I loved their shenanigans.


  4. My heart goes out to you. Eddie was such a big part of your family even if he wasn’t “one of the chatty cats.” Wishing you peace and comfort during this sad time.

  5. We are sending purrayers to you and the kitties about Eddie’s passing. It looks like the cats will be missing him as much as the humans.

  6. I am so sorry about Eddie’s passing.
    Woodrow, don’t listen to your mama. You did very well with your sad look.

  7. It’s so clear that Eddie was an awesome dog, and an amazing sibling to your cats. Sending you all gentle purrs of comfort as you mourn his passing.

    Fly free, Eddie. You are forever loved and cherished.

  8. So sorry for your loss! Eddie looked like such a good big brother. Sending you big hug, purrs and soft woofs.

  9. I’m so sorry. RIP Eddie – thank you for being kind to the cats and for being a really really good dog.

  10. We’re so sorry about Eddie! He was a good brofur to all your chatty cats! I keep saying this … but Woodrow and Ellie would be besties! Then again, they’d need a lap big enough and food enough for both of them ALL THE TIME … so maybe they would turn into rivals and not besties …
    On another note, Harley has quite a few opinions!

  11. Eddie was just darling. I’m so sorry for your loss. I bet the cats are missing him as much as you and hubby. Precious photos of all and of course, crack-up content. Those cats and their antics never cease to make me smile.

    Sending a big hug from me and Bobcat.

  12. Oh, how very sad. So sorry for the loss of your sweet boy Eddie. Alltough we had tears in our eyes, we had a smile on the pictures of this purrecious little angel too. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you. Fly free beautiful Soul💗💗💗

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