Chatty Cats: Cuties, Grumps and More!

Happy Friday! This week seemed long even though it’s a short work week here in the U.S. for many (since today is the observed holiday for Independence Day). I’m definitely looking forward to a nice, long and hopefully relaxing weekend. How about you?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Cutie Patootie

Mama: Harley?
Harley: What?
Mama: Um…
Harley: WHAT?

Caturday Grumps

Mama: Smile!
Dexter: …
Mama: Good enough. 📸

grumpy tabby cat

Lazy Lion

Woodrow: I’s a ferocious lion catching my prey!
Mama: Look at you go!
Woodrow: Swing it slower, Mama.
Mama: Only semi-ferocious tonight?
Woodrow: I had a big dinner.


Forehead snuggles. ❤

two cats cuddling

Ultimate Tuesday

Mama: Olive, let’s do the ultimate Tuesday photo.
Olive: Tuesday, check. Tortie, check. Tongue out, check.
Mama: The interwebs won’t be able to handle the cuteness!

tortie cat in box

Face Fur

Mama: Harley, you have fur on your face.
Harley: Yes, Mama. I’m a cat.
Mama: I mean extra fur.
Harley: I like to be extra handsome.
#extrafur #extrahandsome

siamese cat with fur on face

After petting Harley, he usually looks like this. Long-haired cat problems, amiright?

It’s Sophie!

Hi, fwends!!!

blooper shot of white cat up close

Bonus Friday Photo

When you go in for a boopy, but kitty wants a bitey. (Sophie says this one’s for CK!)

white cat ready to chomp

Stay safe, everyone!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Cuties, Grumps and More!

  1. Hi Cuties! Love that closeup Sophie – only you can pull that look off with such – um – grace??? I think Harley chose a great spot to keep his little afternoon snack safe. Only the nose knows. Super photos as always. Stay safe – and happy!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Aww, we love that Dexter and Sophie shot. :)

    Happy 4th of July! We hope you’re having a good and safe celebration!

  3. MOL…you’re all cutie patooties…and that tongue…not only the internet can’t handle it, Olie..I almost fainted…MOL😸Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to all of you🐾😽💞

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