Chatty Cats: Gotcha, Toe Beans and More!

Happy Friday! We had quite the full week here. Dexter’s 10th Gotcha Day on Saturday, Father’s Day on Sunday, a vet visit on Monday…I guess just treats and cuddles the rest of the week, but that can still be time-consuming!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Whatcha Got There?

Mama: Hi, you’re pretty close.
Harley: I heard the treat bag.
Mama: Can you back up?
Harley: I’m fine right here.
Mama: You’re standing on my arm. I can’t give you a treat with one hand.
Harley: You can do it. I believe in you, Mama.
#treattime #fridayblooper

Double-Digit Gotcha Day!

Mama: It’s Dexter Day!
Dexter: What’s dat, Mama?
Mama: Today is all about you!
Dexter: Why?
Mama: It’s your 10th Gotcha Day! We’ve reached double digits!
Dexter: That deserves a nose boop. Come ‘ere, Mama. Let’s boop!!

As some may know, we found Dexter as a teeny tiny stray kitten on Father’s Day in June 2010 when we were walking our dog. He became the first cat of the Three Chatty Cats! Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy.

Lazy Father’s Day

Mama: Want to say Happy Father’s Day to Cat Dad?
Sophie: Does that involve leaving this cocoon of warmth?
Mama: Yes.
Sophie: Can I just shout it to him?
Mama: I guess.
Mama: You’re so thoughtful.
Sophie: He raised me well.

white cat cuddled in clothes

Harley’s Bad Day

Harley: Mama, today is just the worst!
Mama: I know, I’m sorry you had to go to the vet.
Harley: And then I come home and all the blankets on my bed are gone!
Mama: It’s laundry day. And it’s my bed, not yours.
Harley: …
Mama: Sorry, our bed.
Harley: …
Mama: Okay, your bed! The blankets will be done soon.

cute siamese cat with blue eyes

As some may remember, Harley has chronic kidney disease, so we give him subcutaneous fluids twice a week. He went to the vet today to have his kidney values checked. And unfortunately, we need to increase to three times a week now. He’s a trooper and I’m sure will see it as just an additional treat time during the week.

Tails on Tuesday

Olive: Mama, Dexter’s tail is almost touching me.
Mama: Almost?
Olive: Yes! It almost might touch me.
Mama: And…?
Olive: Move it for me.
Mama: I almost might do that.

upset tortie cat

Toe Beans!

Mama: Showin’ off your toe beans?
Woodrow: They’re very show-offable.
Mama: Agreed.

tabby cat toe beans

Not Lost…or Found?

Mama: Sophie, what are you doing under here?
Sophie: I’m…
Mama: And don’t say looking for your purse.
Sophie: Okay, I won’t.
Mama: … So?
Sophie: Um, I’m confirming this is where my purse is not. Confirmed!

white cat under ottoman

Bonus Friday Blooper

Woodrow tracks a fly…

cute tabby cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Gotcha, Toe Beans and More!

  1. happy happy gotcha day dexter!!! you couldn’t find a better home… and we love your cat chats… you should be in tv… honestly we would watch every episode of that show..

  2. Awwww…Dexter you lucky boy being “Got” by the parents you have….just look what fun you’ve had all these years! I gather Sophie has – well – um – temporarily misplaced that brand new adorable purse of hers???????? Sending hugs to all – especially Harley…..extra fluids but I know he will be brave………

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  3. Love, love, love you kitties! Sub-Q is icky, but if it keeps Harley cute as ever it’s worth it. HAPPY DOUBLE-DIGIT DAY DEXTER!

  4. harley; sorree dood….we understand how ruff that iz….. ♥♥♥

    N dexter; a most happee bee lated 10th two ewe; heerz ta 100 mor. hope yur gotcha
    day rocked, ya getted inta 10 kindz oh trubull, had sum pizza & heerz two a yeer a head
    filled with happeez & healtheez ♥♥♥ :)

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Dexter! I hope Sophie finds her purse that she isn’t admitting to losing.

  6. I am sorry that Harley needs more fluids. We were doing Prancie’s twice a day, 50 ml each time. Our vet seemed to think less more often is better- works if kitty is cooperative. Happy Gotcha Day Dexter!!!! XO

  7. Harley, you made uslaugh by getting all up in Mom’s face for those treats!

    We’re sorry to hear your numbers weren’t so good. Our Gracie gets fluids 2X/week, so we understand. But we are glad your mom and dad love you so much and take such good care of you.

  8. Extra Pawkisses for a Happy Gotcha Day sweet Dexter🎉🎉🎉 Healing Pawkisses for Harley. We hope everything will be fine in no-time🙏Thank you for your sweet conversation again, they always put a smile on our faces…and we don’t mind if we have seen them twice sometimes, because they always so funny…MOL…😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to all of you🐾😽💞

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