Chatty Cats: New Purse, Bored and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been another average week here at the Chatty Cats household. Wait, what am I talking about? Sophie got a new purse!! And she still hasn’t lost it yet! Read on…

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Harley: I’ll take my dinner right here today.
Mama: Your dinner is two feet away from you on the floor.
Harley: On the floor?!?
Mama: Where you always eat it.
Harley: …
Mama: …
Harley: I’ll take my dinner right here today.
Mama: Fine, but don’t tell the others.

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Close Call

Mama: Look at you…waiting all calmly for your dinner.
Olive: I’ve been working on my patience.
Mama: I can tell.
Olive: Ergh…mrph….egh…
Mama: What’s wrong?
Olive: Patience…wearing…off…
Mama: Here, here! Your dinner!
Olive: That was close.

tortie cat

Mail for Sophie!

Mama: Look what came in the mail for you!
Sophie: A new purse?!?
Mama: A very nice lady named Leigh sent it to you.
Sophie: Omigosh! I lub it. I lub it so much!
Mama: Do you think you can hold onto this one? Or are you gonna lose it?
Sophie: I’ll try very hard.
Mama: To hold onto it or to lose it?
Sophie: Time will tell, Mama. Now, fetch me my chapstick and tic tacs! I have some purse organizing to do!

A very thoughtful Facebook fan sent Sophie this adorable purse (since she still can’t find her original purse). And there were also 4 huge bags of Temptation treats included for the other cats! Thank you, Leigh! I promise to keep an eye on the purse so Sophie doesn’t lose it.

Bored Cat

Mama: You look bored.
Woodrow: Are you calling my face boring?
Mama: Not even close to what I said.
Woodrow: That’s so mean.
Mama: That’s not what I said!
Woodrow: Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Woodrow: ∗whispering∗ I’m bored.

bored tabby cat

Keeping Sophie in Line

A big brother’s work is never done.
#whappypaw #littlesisters

tabby cat whapping white cat

Tortie Talk

Olive: Mama, we need to talk.
Mama: Is this about unfair treat distribution? Or how dinner was late?
Olive: Maybe it’s about how much I love you.
Mama: Aww.
Olive: Just kidding. It’s about unfair treat distribution.
Mama: ∗sigh∗
Olive: But P.S. I love you.

tortie cat with crossed legs

Another Shot?

Mama: 📸
Woodrow: Can I help you?
Mama: Sorry. Carry on.
Woodrow: Are you sure? Did you get your shot? Do you want to take another?
Mama: I’m sensing sarcasm.
Woodrow: No really, does my butt look big? Should we take another shot?

tabby cat grooming

Bonus Friday Photo

Impressive, Olive!

yawning tortie cat

Stay safe, everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: New Purse, Bored and More!

  1. Super photos this week but then they ALWAYS ARE! That new purse of Sophie’s is absolutely adorable…..I’ll be surprised if she can fit all her “stuff” into that one but who knows. Cats are crafty. Everyone else seems to be doing fine once they have accepted that treat distribution IS what it IS!

    Happy Friday…………
    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  2. What a nice purse. hopefully this one will not grow legs and walk away.
    love these Friday posts. they set the tone for the whole day.

  3. That is a nice purse Sophie. Did you ever get the pink one I made for you? You are going to have quite a collection. And Harley, you deserve to get fed wherever you wish. Have a nice weekend. XO

    1. Well, I didn’t even knew she had a purse until she kept telling me she lost it. :-) And then a kind follower sent her a new one!

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