Chatty Cats: Monsters, Gotcha Day and More!

Happy Friday! Not much going on this week…besides Olive’s 9th Gotcha Day! Kitten Olive made her way to us as a stray back on June 7, 2011. When no one responded to our “found kitten” sign, she became our second cat (of the original Three Chatty Cats).

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Big Bro Life

Life with Sophie.
Notice in the last shot, she’s alone on the ottoman. I guess Dexter finally had enough. Or her evil plan worked.

Blanket Monster

Woodrow: Rawr!!
Mama: Got it?
Woodrow: It’s deaded.
Mama: Phew. Good job.

tabby cat attacking blanket

Gotcha Day Prep

Mama: Happy Gotcha Day, Olive!
Olive: Oh, is that today?
Mama: You know it is. You had curlers in last night getting ready for the big day.
Olive: Erm, no I didn’t.
Mama: My mistake. Well, you look very nice today. And Happy Gotcha Day.
Olive: Thanks for gotcha’ing me.

pretty tortie cat

Tum Tum the Liar

Harley: Did I miss afternoon snackies?
Mama: No.
Harley: Are you sure? My tum tum is telling me I missed afternoon snackies.
Mama: Your tummy is misguiding you.
Harley: Are you calling my tum tum a liar?
Mama: I guess so.
Harley: Tum tum is no longer speaking to you!
Mama: Okay.
Harley: Tum tum demands snackies!!!

handsome cross-eyed siamese cat

Double Tabby Time

Two tabbies on Tabby Tuesday! A grumpy and a goofy.

Pretty Sophie

Mama: You’re so pretty.
Sophie: You should stop telling me that.
Mama: Why?
Sophie: Because it’s going to my head. My pretty, pretty head.

beautiful white cat with blue eyes

It’s Handled!

Mama: You have something on-
Dexter: ∗slurp∗
Mama: …never mind.

tabby cat with tongue out

Bonus Friday Photos

I’ve shared these before, but in honor of Olive’s gotcha day, here are some kitten photos!

tortie kitten flashback photo

tabby cat and tortie kitten

Stay safe, everyone!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Monsters, Gotcha Day and More!

  1. Firstly – Happy GOTCHA Olive…..what an adorable little kitten you were and I bet you are happy that you wound up RIGHT where you are! Everyone else seems to be hanging in there nicely – Poor Dexter though losing out on the ottoman with Sophie S-L-O-W-L-Y taking it over. HAHA Happy Friday and have a super and safe weekend.

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom)

  2. As I started reading, I was going to suggest sharing a picture of Olive as you adopted here but you beat me to it. She was a kitten! How could someone not want her! I would have scooped her right up too. Happy Gotcha day Olive! A round of treats on me!

  3. Oh dear! Olive was beyond adorable as a baby, and look at her now!
    A most happy Gotchaversary, Olive!
    Maybe Sophie has something in her purse for your special day…*wicked evil laugh*

  4. What a little doll Olive was, and still is – Happy Gotcha Day Olive! Thanks everyone for the Friday afternoon smiles, y’all get me every time!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Olive!
    Poor Dexter, it looks like Sophie pushed him off the ottoman.

  6. Happy Gotcha Day, Olive! We especially love the last photo, where you were so little. :)

    In “Big Bro Life,” Dexter’s face in the third photo … hysterical! MOL

  7. olive; yur wee kittenz fotoz bee price lezz !!!! sendin best fishez N happee day wizhez two ewe fora soooooper awesum day az well az happeez N healtheez in de yeer a head….get inta sum trubull, N joy yur gotcha N heerz ta de next 99 !!! :) ♥♥

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