Chatty Cats: Interruptions, Persistence and More!

Happy Friday! This week’s quarantine win was finding a bread maker on Amazon! And then finding flour…and then finding yeast! So needless to say, someone will be making homemade bread once it all arrives. I think I’m mostly looking forward to how good our house will be smelling soon. I hope you had a quarantine win this week!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Trick Question

Mama: Hey Harley.
Harley: Hey Mama.
Mama: Wanna come out?
Harley: Is there anything worth coming out for?
Mama: I have treats or cuddles. Which do you want?
Harley: … Is this a trick question?
Mama: Treats it is.

siamese cat with blue eyes in cat tree

Pat Pat

Sophie: I touchy.
Mama: Don’t do it…
Sophie: ∗touch∗

white cat wants scrambled eggs

Mother’s Day Interruptions

Woodrow was SO EXCITED this morning! He’s been asking all week – is it time yet? Is today the day? And finally, Mother’s Day arrives. He had his bow tie all picked out and asked me to put it on him this morning so we could take a photo and wish all of the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Woodrow hopped up on the stool and posed so nicely. But just when I took the photo, the neighbors started up their leafblower. “Keep it down!!!” he yelled. I asked if he wanted to take another shot, but he said the moment was ruined. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day from Woodrow!

goofy tabby cat in bow tie

Sophie’s Find

Volume up! 🔊 “Mama, is this my purse?” Okay, so Sophie’s latest find makes me wonder if she even knows what a purse is…and if she ever had one to begin with. Thoughts?

Persistent (Cute) Cat

Mama: Olive, it’s hard to work with you sitting there like that.
Olive: Like what? So cute?
Mama: No, so close.
Olive: And cute?
Mama: Mostly close.
Olive: But also cute?
Mama: Close!!!
Olive: Cute?!?
Mama: You’re trying my patience!
Olive: … But in a cute way?
#workingfromhomewithcats #officecat

cute tortie office cat

Unbalanced Dexter

Mama: Want a scratch behind the ear?
Dexter: Yes, please.
Mama: There you go.
Dexter: Now do the other one.
Mama: Hold on, the phone’s ringing.
Dexter: Mama, wait!
Mama: I’ll be right back.
Dexter: You can’t leave me unbalanced!

adorable tabby cat

Neighbor Steve

Woodrow: Hi Steve! Steve!!! Hello?!?
Mama: He probably can’t hear you.
Woodrow: He didn’t even wave. Rude!!

tabby cat waving at neighbor

Bonus Friday Blooper

I’m gonna catch some heat from Olive for posting this one…

tortie cat blooper selfie

Stay safe, everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Interruptions, Persistence and More!

  1. What a week for all of you! Sophie’s purse confusion, The Mother’s Day Portrait Attempt (which is still cute!) – all the weekly adventures we cat parents LOVE (but don’t let the kitties know that!). Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy – now STAY THAT WAY ! :)

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam too

  2. My cat Morgan was napping on the desk when I turned on Sophie’s video. That perked her right up. She looked around for Sophie, couldn’t find her so she went back to her nap. Great shot of Woodrow.

  3. dood…best momz day poze ever !!! N yea.. de naybors leef masheen could be hurd all de way heer in TT ….

    sophie; we are so totally going shopping for handbags once this vy russ mess is over; make sure you
    take “plastic” as cash might be frowned upon for a while yet

    hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

  4. Woodrow you look super in your bowtie all dressed up for Mother;s Day. Is Steve the neighbor who started up the leaf blower ?

  5. Wow, your mom is much more selfless than ours! Fresh bard bread sounds pawsome (and tasty). Our Human sent her money on a bunch of stuff to do her claws since she hasn’t been able to visit her claw lady. How selfish can you be?
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  6. Olive, have I ever told you how much you remind me of Binga? … In a cute way. Um, I didn’t know Harley had to come out. MOL! TW’s quarantine find was Clorox wipes on Amazon. She can’t use the liquid or spray cos of both of our asthma.

  7. A quarantine win- I hadn’t heard that term before, I like it. Glad you got a bread machine, they are great. Woodrow, you look so cute all dressed up for your mama on Mother’s Day. And Sophie, you need to be quicker to get the eggs. Have a nice week. Stay healthy. XO

  8. MOL Olive!!! Sophie, you need to write a children’s book about your purse. And you’re a very brave woman to attempt making bread!

  9. Such fun photos! Did Sophie get any of those fluffy scrambled eggs? Manna always tries to get mine in the morning, but then she remembers that she doesn’t really like them.

  10. I think Sophie misses some money in the purse…MOL..We loved all of your conversations, they’re always so “real”. Enjoy your home made bread. When we can smell it, we’ll come over for a taste ;) 😸Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

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