Chatty Cats: Forgetful, Bored and More!

Happy Friday! And welcome to May! With a new month comes a decision for me to make. I’m not sure if I want to continue recapping our social media chats on the blog each week. Instead, I might pop in once a week or so with a Mancat Monday or Wordless Wednesday post – something like that. If I do end these weekly recaps, you can still catch each daily chat by following us on Facebook or Instagram. I know some of you already do, and I thank you for that. This is our 109th weekly recap…so it might be time for a change.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Payment Due

Olive: Gah!!!
Mama: What’s up?
Olive: I opened the front-facing camera.
Mama: Why, what are you doing?
Olive: I wanted to take a selfie. But now I see why I hired you to take all my photos.
Mama: Hired? You don’t pay me.
Olive: You’re paid in cuddles.
Mama: Your payment is late then.
Olive: We cuddled last week!
Mama: No more photos until you’re paid up. I think two cuddling sessions are owed.
Olive: Fine, but I’m putting out an ad for a new photographer!

tortie cat takes selfie

Low Blow

Sophie: It’s hot out here!
Mama: Then go inside.
Sophie: I’m enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Can you turn the AC on?
Mama: There’s no AC in the catio.
Sophie: Sounds like someone’s being cheap.
Mama: Well, if you can find your purse, you can help me pay for it.
Sophie: That was a low blow, Mama. Really unnecessary.
#thetruthhurts #thecaseofthemissingpurse

white cat in catio

Forgetful Woodrow

Woodrow: I came in here to tell you something, but now I don’t remember what.
Mama: I hate when that happens.
Woodrow: Maybe I better have a thinking treat.
Mama: A thinking treat?
Woodrow: To help me remember that I wanted to tell you the litter is full downstairs.
Mama: Sounds like you remembered.
Woodrow: Oops, I forgot again!
Mama: Okay, I’ll get you a treat.
Woodrow: And then empty the litter.

adorable tabby cat

Really Concentrate

Harley: Mama, look into my eyes…
Mama: Okay.
Harley: You want to give me all the foods.
Mama: I don’t think the other cats would like that.
Harley: Mama! You’re not concentrating.
Mama: Okay, try again.
Harley: Look into my eyes…give me all the foods.
Mama: Sorry, I blinked. One more time.
Harley: Mama!!!

siamese cat with big blue eyes

Talented or Bored?

Sophie: Whoa, Mama! Look at me!
Mama: What’s up?
Sophie: Look how good I am at balancing on this box!
Mama: Um, yeah. Such talent.
Sophie: It’s like walking on a tightrope.
Mama: Well, not really. You’re sitting on a box.
Sophie: An extremely teeny tiny box.
Mama: And what’s with your tongue?
Sophie: It helps me concentrate, really focus on finding my center.
Mama: … Sophie, are you bored?
Sophie: I don’t know. Maybe. Can you bring me a bigger box?

white cat sitting on box with tongue out

Nothing to see here…

Mama: Dexter!
Dexter: Yes?
Mama: Are you about to scratch that furniture?
Dexter: Noooo…?
Mama: Then what are you doing?
Dexter: I’m just, you know, lookin’ out da window, checkin’ on da birdies, doin’ my cat stuff.

tabby cat with green eyes


Mama: Olive! Say cheese!
Olive: CHEESE!!!
Mama: 📸
#picturelover #tinyteefies

tortie cat yawning

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Olive says she’s too fast to capture on film!

Stay safe, everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Forgetful, Bored and More!

  1. Please don’t give up the blog. We don’t have Facebook or Instagram. We would terribly miss our Friday blog. It makes our day special. Thank you for the Friday treat! Cuddles Cuddleskin and my family!

  2. I hope you decide not to stop your weekly recaps. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook and their way of setting things up, I might miss a fun one. I always know I’ll see it on the weekly recap. Also I share your recap with my husband so he can enjoy the kitties, too, because he doesn’t do social media at all. He loves all of them as much as I do.

  3. I love the weekly recap but understand that sometimes we have to “re-think” how much time we spend on things…..We do have Facebook but I don’t Instagram – I decided to limit the social media stuff – daily blog, Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts takes up a decent amount of time and I’m not getting any younger. (hahaha) Lately I’ve been thinking more about what I do in my spare (whatever that is) time. Anyway, I do love your recap……a lot.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. I love the recaps!! And since Facebook has more gliches than Harleys whiskers, the blog is looked for every weekend!😸 I know it gets tedious…And sometimes repetitive, but many people adore your blog. However, because it is a LOT of work to keep up with, you must know you’ll be supported no matter what you do. Just don’t pull the kitties!😻😹🐾 They inspire us and make us giggle….and understand our characters a little bit better!😸
    God bless you all!!😸 Drea🐾😻🐈💋

  5. We’d miss the chats but we understand too, what ever you post we’ll be here. We’d look for you elsewhere but it’s easy to get lost in the mess on other platforms. Have a fun weekend everyone!

  6. Olive, your mom is a much better camera person than TW. Sophia, I’d call the landlord about no ac. These cats are so cute. I’ll catch them on FB but I understand your wanting to change.

  7. I enjoy the recaps. I don’t have Instagram, and FB is hit and miss with what posts it decides to show me.

  8. I imagine it is a lot of work to do the weekly recaps, but I LOVE them! Someone should come up with an automated way to move it to a blog – hey, what a good idea, if someone is REALLY bored during this quarantine, create this thingy! You are all so darling whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook or the Blog – you always make me laugh – as long as you keep posting somewhere, I’ll be there!

  9. Sophie, I have a feeling you will have a purse someday soon. I would love to be your photographer Olive. Good try with the food Harley. And Dexter, you look very innocent, no scratching furniture from you :) Have a nice week and stay healthy. XO

  10. Harley, we try that “look into my eyes and concentrate” with our mom and dad, too. It only works once in a while. We will keep trying! XO

  11. Blurry tortie shot! Olive, your teefs are purrfect! And Sophie, you shouldn’t have to help pay for the AC. That’s just wrong.

  12. The cats are adorable, as always. I’ll miss them if you stop the recaps. I don’t use Instagram or fb But I definitely understand the time crunch

  13. Ah no worries, we always see you on FB and if not there, on Instagram! I know it’s hard work just to keep up with litter duty, never mind the blog! The Chatties’ daily conversations always give me a giggle, love them! xx

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