two tabby cats with one yawning

Chatty Cats: Faces, Roaring and More!

Happy Friday! There’s not much to update for the week since, you know, there’s not much going on. Today marks the 30th day of our “safer at home” order in California. It’s pretty hard to believe we’ve been home for so long, but it definitely seems to be helping in our state. I hope everyone out there is doing well and staying safe!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Woodrow’s Many Faces

Woodrow: OMG, Mama! This is the longest week ever!
Mama: What’s with your face?
Woodrow: This is my longest-week-ever face.
Mama: Ah, okay.
Woodrow: And my TGIF face.
Mama: Okay.
Woodrow: And my pass-the-popcorn face.
Mama: Got it.
Woodrow: And my someone-tooted face.
Mama: Woodrow!!
Woodrow: And my it-was-me face.
#demteefies #datnose

cute tabby cat

Sorta Sweet Harley

Mama: Have you moved today?
Harley: Pfbbbth!
Mama: So, no?
Harley: Don’t need to. I have everything I need right here.
Mama: You have nothing here. No food, no litter, no water.
Harley: I have my Mama. You’re all I need…
Mama: Aww, that’s so sweet.
Harley: …because you’ll bring me whatever I want whenever I want it.
Mama: Annnd there it is.

siamese cat with blue eyes and tongue out

Happy Easter

Mama: What are you doing?
Sophie: Getting a big whiff of my dinner. I like to really savor it.
Mama: I see.
Sophie: And then I go in for the chomp. Like dis!
#easterham #happyeaster

Mancat Monday

Can you tell the two tabby boys apart? I’m often asked if Dexter and Woodrow are related. They are not. We found Dexter as a 4-week-old kitten in 2010. We adopted Woodrow in 2017, and he’s a couple of years younger than Dexter. But here’s how to tell them apart…Dexter almost always has resting grumpy face. (And he’s the smaller of the two.) Unfortunately, they don’t usually get along, so these photos from today are pretty special to this cat mama. 😊

two tabby cats

two tabby cats sleeping

Roaring Tortie

Olive: Roar!!!
Mama: Fangless roars are the cutest!
Olive: Come closer and say that.
Mama: ∗moves closer∗ Fangless roars are the cutest!
Olive: Mama!!!

tortie cat yawning

Shoes and Pants

Handsome Harley: Hi, Mama.
Mama: So, you go by Handsome Harley now?
Handsome Harley: If the slipper fits.
Mama: You mean shoe?
Handsome Harley: You haven’t worn shoes in 4 weeks.
Mama: At least I still wear pants.
Handsome Harley: That should be a given. No bonus points awarded.

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Bossy Cat

Sophie: Mama!!!
Mama: What?
Sophie: Dexter and Olive are having fun down in the catio. I told them, no fun allowed when I’m not there!
Mama: What are you gonna do about it?
Sophie: I’m gonna send you down there to break up the fun.
Mama: Not happening.
Sophie: Ugh! No one does what I say!

white cat with blue eyes looking out window

You can see the catio from upstairs in the house. And when the window is open, all the sounds of fun come in. Sometimes Sophie will race down the stairs and dash into the catio as if she’s missing out.

Bonus Friday Bloopers

For today’s bonus photos, I present you with awkward yawning.

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. I agree that fangless roasts are the best Olive. That means you are extra special! I love all your kitties and am glad you are all safe and well.

  2. Looks like the gang is coping nicely with things right now – happy to have Mom and Dad around all the time, keeping each other (and us and you) entertained and being ADORABLE – which they obviously find quite EASY to do! Stay safe everyone…..and happy.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. Purrsonally, I hate wearing shoes, and would be in bare feet all day every day! Working from home helps, except that it’s April, and I’m in Michigan, so not exactly beach weather.

  4. The only thing I’ve “dressed down” is my bra. I’m wearing a stretchy thing that wouldn’t support a leaf but it sure is comfy. Not sure the girls will enjoy getting strapped back in when when is over.

  5. I love all the kitty expressions, from Woodrow’s little derpy face to the fangless roar. So funny our Tortie Scout just lost a fang the other day in a friendly scuffle with Mr. Jack. I’ve already collected three canines not removed via dental surgery – weird! I love seeing these adorable photos of the Chatties!

  6. WOW! Dexter and Woodrow do look a lot alike. Harley is a sweetie, I love that tongue shot. Poor Olive, your mom missed tortie appreciation day. I hope she makes it up to you. Stay healthy. XO

  7. If the slipper fits….HAHAHA! Harley is very observant. And for two kitties who don’t always get along, I adore how they ended up napping back-to-back. Thank you for the laughs, as always. :)

  8. Granny’s first cat wore boots…MOL…The resemblance of Woodrow and Dexter is unbelievable and very special, because they’re not related…maybe in a past life? You made us MOL again with your yawnes, kitties…you’re all so funny😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday. Stay Safe Heathy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞