Chatty Cats: Countdowns, Friends and More!

Happy Friday! Last week was all about the opening of the catio for the season, but this week…pouring rain on and off. So, very little outside time for the cats – and also fewer walks for the humans. Ross and I haven’t been out in public for nearly three weeks now (besides walks in our neighborhood observing social distancing). We’ve been fortunate to have our essentials delivered to the house. I am very thankful for every single essential worker, no matter what the industry, for helping all of us get through this pandemic. How are you doing during this unusual time?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Sorta Flashback Friday

Olive: Mama, you forgot to post a photo for the day!
Mama: I didn’t forget. I’m just busy.
Olive: Sure, all this time stuck at home and you’re too busy to post a quick photo.
Mama: Fine, I’ll take one now. 📸
Olive: NO!!! I have my curlers in!
Mama: Geez, I’ll post one from earlier today then. Are you happy?
Olive: This isn’t about me, Mama. Now, pick one that shows my good side.
#flashbackfriday #tofourhoursago

gorgeous tortie cat


Dexter: Mama?
Mama: 💤
Dexter: Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Dexter: I just wanted to warn you that I will be back in 20 minutes to wake you up for my afternoon snackies. Okay?
Mama: Mm-hmm.
Dexter: Repeat it back to me. I’m not sure you’re entirely awake.
Mama: 💤
Dexter: Mama? 19 minutes now.
#nappingwithcats #countdowntosnackies

tabby cat wants a snack

New Friends

Sophie: I said I’m sorry, Mama! Why won’t you believe me?
Mama: How about you look at me when you say it?
Sophie: Um, this is all I got.
Mama: Then your sorry is not accepted.
Sophie: Geez! I try to pretend to be sorry and this is the thanks I get!
#sorrynotsorry #sophiesnewestfriend

beautiful white cat with blue eyes

Some may remember that Sophie likes to bring her “friends” inside. In the past, she has deposited a live cockroach in the litter box (which I found with the lights off and before my morning coffee – yes, I screamed). And she’s brought a live lizard upstairs into my office as a present (yes, I screamed). Sophie’s latest friend was again found in the litter box. And again, I first thought it was a “tootsie roll” sliding down a litter mound. It slid a little too fast, so I assumed it was another cockroach. Nope! Please, whatever you do, don’t google house centipede. They’re super creepy and super crawly. Even the photos freak me out. Luckily, Ross was home (obviously) and he put the crawly guy outside. So yeah, this is one of the downsides of opening up the catio for the season. I never know what I’m going to find inside. What has your cat brought you lately?

Lap Warmer

Mama: Woodrow, I need to move.
Woodrow: I’m not done warming your lap yet.
Mama: How much longer?
Woodrow: It could be hours. No one knows…but I’ll let you know when your lap is sufficiently warmed.

tabby cat sleeping under blanket

It’s a cold and rainy day here in Southern California. Woodrow is a big lap cat, but he rarely gets under the blankets. Btw, I had to really contort myself to get this shot and not disturb the sleeping mancat baby. Happy Monday!

Where’s the Party?

Harley: The Harley has arrived.
Mama: What?
Harley: I’m here. The party can start.
Mama: What party?
Harley: I was told there would be cheese.
Mama: No one’s having a party.
Harley: This is the lamest party ever. No balloons. No streamers. No cheese.
Mama: No one is having a party!!
Harley: Clearly.
#nocheese #noparty

siamese cat stands on stairs

Tortie Toe Beans

Mama: You have very cute toe beans.
Olive: I have very cute everything.
Mama: True.
Olive: Anything else?
Mama: I guess not.
Olive: Okay, bye.
Mama: Nice chat.
Olive: I said dismissed!
#pileofpaws #notinthemood

tortie cat with crossed paws

Dramatic Cats

Dexter: Close the door, Mama! You’re letting the cold air in.
Sophie: Yeah, how rude!
Mama: You two are so cute.
Dexter: We’re doing this for survival, not your amusement.
Sophie: Yeah, Mama! And turn the heat on, I can’t feel my face!

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

These Southern California kitties are a little dramatic on cold and rainy days. They’re currently cuddling in my closet. And no, it’s not THAT cold out.

Bonus Friday Photo

I think Harley has given up. He’s over quarantine this life. He just wants the humans to leave the house again so he can get some rest.

siamese cat on floor

Stay safe, everyone!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Countdowns, Friends and More!

  1. I imagine it’s a bit strange for kitties who aren’t used to having their humans there 24/7. Teddy has had his old retired parents here 24/7 since he came to live here so he’s used to it. Your gang seems to be handling things well though – we especially love that photo of the “snugglers” keeping warm (even though it’s not cold!). Stay healthy and happy and with some luck things will get back to some semblance of normal soon………….we can only hope!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I would love to see you with your curlers in, Olive…MOL..Yikes, Sophie, better I send you one of my mousies. thanks for the awwdorable pictures and conversations again CC😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie…always🙏🐾😽💞

  3. Olive, those toesies are adorable. Too funny about the house centipede :) Hope you all have a nice Easter despite the social isolation. XO

  4. Sophie, we’re so proud of you ! You bring very interesting friends and gifts to your mom ! As we can access the garden all year long, we can get seasonal gifts : voles in winter, birds and mice in spring, birds, bats, young snakes, grasshoppers, and big giant night moths in summer (yeah, summer is a pawsome gift season), and birds and mice in autumn. We hope you got your treats, Dexter. Purrs

  5. Thank you for always making us smile, sweet friends. Dexter, we feel you, pal. The time for snacks is always now! :)

  6. Reading this made me think about Mr. Misaki’s fort building skills. In this chill, cold for us, he creates a live-in, sleep-in lair for a full 7 to 8 hour snooze. I cannot imagine life inside without our precious felines. Thank you!

  7. Woodrow and Ellie must’ve been separated at birth … lap or snacks. You’ve never seen a cat run so fast when I trip over the food ball. It’s like she doesn’t realize the ball is filled with kibble she can just walk to her bowl and get.

  8. Oh my cat! This was hilarious MOL – I love all the drama going on in your house. Sorry not sorry! I can relate. I may have mentioned it but Mr. Jack brings in earthworms that surface after a thunderstorm here in summer. The weather is still cold so no creepy crawlies yet! And I am the same as you, I would scream for cockroaches, for centipedes and lizards, they’re not too but but they move too fast so they’re still in the creepy category lol.

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