Chatty Cats: Catio, Meetings and More!

Happy Friday! April has arrived and so has catio season! Ross cleaned it out on Sunday, and then it was officially open for business again on Monday. Photos below of the cats enjoying themselves in the fresh air. Well, that’s about it for excitement over here. We’re still staying home and staying safe. I hope you are, too.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Dinner with Sophie

Mama: Whatcha doing?
Sophie: Watching for the pizza guy.
Mama: We didn’t order pizza.
Sophie: You didn’t…
Mama: Sophie!
Sophie: Don’t pretend like you don’t want pizza. And breadsticks. And cinnamon crunchies. And a backup pizza.

white cat with blue eyes on window sill

Scenes from Saturday

Woodrow enjoys an open door and some sunshine on this beautiful day. However, quarantine may have finally gotten to Olive. And poor Dexter…he doesn’t recall asking Olive to join him on the stool. He politely reminds her what personal space means. Sophie stands ready for any fun that comes her way (it arrived in the form of time on the sunny balcony with Cat Dad). Harley plots his revenge for getting his sub-q fluids this morning (I may or may not have leaked a bit on his fur). What are your kitties up to today?


Mama: What are you doing on my desk?
Olive: Nothing.
Mama: You look like you’re about to get into trouble.
Olive: Maybe, maybe not.
Mama: Olive, get down!
Olive: You go about your business and I’ll go about mine. Let’s just let this play out.

pretty tortie cat

Catio Life

Cats in the Catio! We finally opened up the catio again for the cats to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Cat Dad cleaned it out yesterday after it had been closed all winter. As you can see, 4 out of 5 cats approve of catio life. Harley has never had any interest in the catio. He appreciates the indoor-only life. But Dexter, Olive, Sophie and Woodrow are all currently outside in the catio. Happy Monday! ☀

How Rude!

Dexter: Excuse me!! Can you keep it down?
Sophie: Yeah, we’re trying to cuddle!
Mama: Sorry that my typing for work is bothering you in MY office.
Dexter: No respect, Sophie. We get no respect around here!

Email Problems

Mama: In or out, Harley? I need to close my office door.
Harley: You wouldn’t dare.
Mama: I gave you the 1-hour warning as requested.
Harley: I emailed you last night stating it now needs to be a 2-hour warning! Don’t you read your emails?
Mama: Did you forget to press send?
Harley: … Well, I thought we discussed you’d read my saved drafts in case that happened again.
Mama: ∗sigh∗ In or out, Harley?

siamese cat with blue eyes

Even with indoor cats, the in or out dilemma still occurs. I guess it’s good for me to get up so much throughout the day to let them in and out of my office. Both Sophie and Olive paw at the closed door, while the three mancats cry to be let in or out.

Zoom Meeting

Woodrow: Next topic of discussion, treats!
Cat Dad: This is a budget meeting.
Woodrow: 100% of the budget to treats! Meeting adjourned…naptime for all!

tabby cat attends conference call meeting

As you can see, Woodrow is happy to have Cat Dad working from home. And I think the meeting participants appreciate when Woodrow makes an appearance…definitely when he calls for naptime.

Bonus Friday Photos

Sophie enjoying the catio.

white cat lounging in catio

white cat yawning in catio

Stay safe, everyone!

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18 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Catio, Meetings and More!

  1. YAY! Catio ready for another fun season. I wish we had a nice screened in deck for Ted but he does enjoy roaming the yard with me or his Dad or both of us along. He sniffs everything to make sure we’re all safe from introoders and follows in our footsteps as we walk around the house (usually about three times!). Love the conversations and photos this week as always – maybe having the catio available will keep your crew entertained so you and Cat Dad can work!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Cats really care nothing for budget meetings…or any meeting for that matter!
    Only getting what they want, is what they care about…and we humans so blithely give in…

  3. Sophie, did you get cinnastix and chick-hen on the pizza. I know your peeps don’t eat meat so that means more for us. You can are so lucky to have a catio. TW actually wanted a real patio so Nicky could go out but she settled on this loser place.

  4. Your catio is pawsome! Our sun room hasn’t been opened for business yet. But the mom says maybe next week she’ll clean up in there if our weather continues to be a little warmer.

  5. Sophie, I am with you on ordering pizza= no anchovies though please :) And Woodrow, I would love to zoom with you. Keep your humans inside and healthy. XO

  6. Oh you lucky lucky kitties to have a catio. One of these days Mom and Dad hope to have a “sleeping porch” built, which will really be MY catio and sunroom. Tee hee hee. Enjoy having your humans at home. Luvs.

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