Chatty Cats: Mysteries, Drama and More!

Happy Friday! Spring has arrived – yay for that! But as everyone is aware, the world is going through a crisis right now. We’re doing our part by staying home. While I already have the privilege of working from home, Ross started working from home this week as well. Our big outing each day is a long walk (with proper social distancing). I hope that everyone is staying safe. We can get through this together (apart, of course).

Here’s what the cats were up to this (weird) week!

Tucked Tight

Mama: Someone’s tucked tight.
Dexter: It’s a tucked tight kind of day.
Mama: It’s a tucked tight kind of week.
Dexter: It’s a tucked tight-
Mama: I get it.
Dexter: You started it.
Mama: I’m sorry I did.
#tuckedtighttabby #rainyday

tabby cat shrimp

Scenes from Saturday

Harley contemplates life and wonders if he’s perhaps too handsome. Olive calculates how much litter we have left and decides we better order more (who knew she’d be the prepper of the group?). Sophie hangs out in the closet (probably regarding some purse related business). Dexter hopes everyone will live long and prosper. Woodrow…is doing Woodrow stuff. What are your kitties up to today?

Paw Problems

Sophie: Mama, give me your phone.
Mama: No.
Sophie: Give it! I need to text everyone and check in.
Mama: No one can read what you type.
Sophie: Just gimme the- ∗grabs phone∗ Got it! “Dear Everyone, sd9g%ksd fgjw8osdj! o8sld90p Lolz, amiright?!?”
Mama: And what does that say?
Sophie: Umm, let’s see. Hmm…darn you auto-correct!

white cat looks at her paw

Toy Box Mystery

Woodrow: Mama, someone’s been in my toy box!
Mama: Who?
Woodrow: Smells like a tabby. Big paws, goofy face.
Mama: You’re describing yourself.
Woodrow: Hey, I don’t have big paws!

Social Distancing

Dexter: Six feet, Susan! It’s six feet for social distancing!
Mama: Oh stop, she’s talking to her dog.
Dexter: 12 feet, Susan! It’s 12 feet for social distancing!

tabby cat on neighborhood watch

We hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing (not from dogs, of course). Dexter is staying inside (as inside kitties do) but is keeping an eye on the neighborhood to ensure proper social distancing (it’s only six feet, Dexter – dogs not included!). Stay safe, everyone! ❤️

Dramatic Tortie

Mama: Olive, you don’t need to do that. I’ll give you your own treat.
Olive: Don’t worry about me. This little tortie can scrounge for scraps.
Mama: You poor mistreated kitty.
Olive: Do you have any food wrappers I can lick? Never mind, I’ll just check the trash.
This is Harley’s fluids station cart (for his kidney disease). And that’s his bed folded up. I guess I got some Churu treat on it…and apparently Olive is on cleanup duty. Don’t let her fool you! She gets treats too!

You’re Welcome

Harley: Mama, I hear a lot of people are staying home right now.
Mama: Yeah, some tough times.
Harley: Let’s give ’em a pick-me-up.
Mama: Watcha thinking?
Harley: I’m thinking me.
Mama: And…?
Harley: Just me. Go ahead, post my photo and tell the world “you’re welcome” from Harley.
Mama: I’m not doing that.
Harley: We’ll see.
Mama: I’m not saying you’re welcome, from Harley.
Harley: We’ll see.
#yourewelcome #fromharley

handsome siamese cat

Bonus Friday Photos

Sophie loves cuddling with Dexter. How sweet, right?

white cat and tabby cat cuddling

Not from Dexter’s point of view. This is called the headlock cuddle.

white cat has tabby cat in headlock

Stay safe this weekend and cuddle a cat!

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24 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Mysteries, Drama and More!

  1. We’re pretty much operating as usual around here……we old folks are homebodies anyway, and our big boy Teddy is happy for “parental time” – moreso now than ever. If we get even remotely bored, we just take him outside for a cruise around the yard and watch him for entertainment…..lately he has an overwhelming fascination for MOSS….yes MOSS. In these times of difficulty I guess we all need to find our “happy” !! Looks like your gang has done a good job of that too………

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Thank you Harley – it was a big help. And Woodrow please continue to be Woodrow, the world needs that too.
    Sending big virtual hugs to everyone.

  3. We don’t have inside kitties, my dad is allergic; but there are a couple of neighborhood kitties that come around for treats. they were waiting on the deck this morning for their treats. just seeing them there gave me a lift.

  4. Dexter, your live long and prosper is very impressive! Thank you to all of you for the smiles.

  5. Olive, did you know there is a tortie day on April 17th- I read about it on the Conscoius Cat blog. I sent Woodrow hos Tooth Fairy gift, it should be there tomorrow if you are still getting mail, not sure what happens when a state is locked down.Hope your peeps stay healthy. XO

  6. “Darn you, autocorrect.” MOL! Sophie, you crack us up!

    Tracey and I are both working from home, too. An afternoon walk with social distancing is our big daily outing, too. We are enjoying getting to know our neighborhood. :)

  7. MOL ..that was one headlock…MOL…and very nice conversations and Olive, I hope they treat you well in the right after😸Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🐾😽💞

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