Chatty Cats: Time Change, Old Ladies and More!

Happy Friday! It’s raining here in Southern California, which is a nice change for us. But that puts our “cleaning out the catio” plans on hold for the weekend. The cats are really getting on our case about it. They want it in tip-top shape for when it opens again.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Please Elaborate

Olive: Mama, are you done working?
Mama: Almost.
Olive: Does “almost” mean 2 minutes or 2 days?
Mama: When has almost ever meant 2 days?
Olive: It could, you never know.
Mama: I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t mean 2 days.
Olive: Does “safe to say” mean definitely or maybe?
Mama: I’ll be done in 15 minutes!!
Olive: Does “15 minutes” mean-
Mama: Olive!!

adorable tortie cat

A Purse for Every Occasion

Sophie: Mama, let’s do this puzzle.
Mama: I can’t do puzzles with you around. You always steal the pieces.
Sophie: I need something to put in my purse.
Mama: The purse you can’t find?
Sophie: No, my other purse. It’s my puzzle pieces purse.
Mama: And where is that one?
Sophie: It’s a secret.
Mama: You don’t know where it is, do you?
Sophie: That’s what secret means.

Time Change Woes

Dexter: Mama, I’m late!!
Mama: What do you mean?
Dexter: My morning bath. I’m an hour late!
Mama: Don’t worry, it’s just the time change.
Dexter: So I’m not late?
Mama: Well, yes and no. It depends on how you look at it.
Dexter: That’s not helpful, Mama!
Mama: Relax, it’s Sunday.
Dexter: Have we met?!?
#highstrunggroomer #timechangewoes

Beyond Adorable

Woodrow: Hi, Mama!!!
Mama: Woodrow, I just can’t with your cuteness.
Woodrow: Oh, sorry.
Mama: No need to apologize.
Woodrow: Okay, sorry. Doh!
#hismouth #toocute

adorable tabby cat

That Hair!

Mama: Did you forget to brush your hair this morning?
Harley: What do you mean?
Mama: The hair between your eyes is a little…floofy.
Harley: I just can’t tame it!
Mama: Well, it’s very cute.
Harley: Like, manly cute?
Mama: Definitely. It’s very manly, adorably, delightfully cute.

siamese cat with floofy hair

Old Ladies

Olive: Mama, this time change got me like…💤
Mama: I feel ya!
Olive: I can’t even keep my eyes open!
Mama: It’s not THAT late.
Olive: It feels like 8 o’clock! And that’s past my bedtime.
Mama: You sound like an old lady.
Olive: We ARE old ladies!
Mama: Don’t include me in that! I stay up past 8! ∗whispering∗ Most nights.

sleepy tortie cat

Matchy Matchy

Sophie: Mama, is it going to stop raining soon?
Mama: No.
Sophie: But I had plans to go shopping. I can’t go out now!
Mama: So why did you make me buy you that umbrella?
Sophie: It matched my purse. Duh.

white cat looks sad on rainy day

Bonus Friday Photo

Look! Woodrow and Dexter are touching paws! This is big in our house. Dexter tolerates Woodrow being around…but touching paws? I’m sure it was a mistake.

two tabby cats touching paws

Have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Time Change, Old Ladies and More!

  1. If Sophie ever finds all her purses she’s going to need a closet just for them! Love the last photo – maybe them touching paws can be classified as a “happy accident” ??

    Happy Friday
    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Happy accident indeed! No more accidents have happened since though. Dexter is keeping his paws close.

  2. olive; sum timez peepulz forgetz that they iz on THER time what ever that iz & that 2 o clox ta peepulz iz knot 7 o clox ta catz N sayin wait a minit iz like de last thing we wanna heer coz a minit endz up bee in 4 dayz N sayin knot now … ya mite az well say like yea never ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    everee one hada grate storee thiz week :) ♥♥

  3. Dexter I have a lot of paw clean anxiety too. There never seems to be enough time.
    Sophie you are so cute with that puzzle. Yeah Dad cant do them either. Too many noses poking and paws prodding

  4. OMC! Too much fun this week! Where to start … first, that photo of Harley is amazing. Olive is stunning. Sophie always makes me laugh. Dexter’s bath is so cute. Woodrow’s nose is to die for. Harley’s new hairstyle, dude – that is too awesome. Dexter and Woodrow’s paw touching was, well, touching! Thanks for the fun all, have a great weekend!

  5. Your blog has just about the cutest cat convos ever. My Mother started it and I carry the convos on, as well, with every cat I encounter. Both daughters continue the tradition. My Mr. Misaki loves the banter, too. Bravo and MEOW!

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