Chatty Cats: Lessons, Burdens and More!

Happy Friday! This week, I watched two documentaries about cats. First up was #cats_the_mewvie on Netflix. While it talks about cats and cat culture, it focuses heavily on Instagram influencers. And while I do have an IG account, I couldn’t identify with any of the people they interviewed. Most (not all) just seem like they want to make money.

Next, I watched Cat Tales on PBS, which is an episode of the show Nova. This episode delved deep into the history of cats, and I found it much more interesting. Note that there are sad parts (in history) that are covered – you have been warned! They also touch on TNR and feature Samantha Martin from The Amazing Acro-Cats! Have you seen either of these documentaries?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Valentine’s Day

Woodrow: Harley, will you be my valentine?
Harley: No.
Woodrow: I said please!
Harley: No you didn’t.
Woodrow: …in my head. Let me finish…I said please in my head.
Harley: ∗sigh∗
Woodrow: So, will you be my valentine?
Harley: I said no! Now scram!
Woodrow: Sheesh. ∗whispering∗ I said please.

Caturday Lessons

Sophie demonstrates how to spend a Caturday.
#lessonsfromsophie #boxlover

white cat lounging in big box

Harley’s Burden

Harley: Mama, did you get my present this morning?
Mama: That was from you?
Harley: Who else would be so thoughtful?
Mama: Is that what we’re calling it?
Harley: I don’t have a lot to work with. You get what you get.
Mama: A piece of poo? That’s what I get?
Harley: Hey, I wrapped it first! Geez, take it or leave it.
Mama: Or don’t give it.
Harley: I’m a thoughtful cat. It’s my burden…I’m a giver.

siamese cat is over it

None of my cats typically have messy litter box habits. But this morning, I found a tootsie roll at the top of the stairs. To be fair, it was completely covered in litter. I questioned the suspects and no one came forward. However, Dexter’s paw pointed to Harley when his back was turned.

Say What You Mean

Mama: Are you on my clean laundry?
Dexter: Why do you ask questions you know the answer to?
Mama: I was trying to get you to move.
Dexter: Be direct, Mama.
Mama: Okay. Will you move?
Dexter: No. See how direct that was?

tabby cat on laundry pile

Messy Tortie

Olive: Mama, more treat?
Mama: Why don’t you finish what’s on your face first?
Olive: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Mama: Your nose. Your chin.
Olive: Are we just naming things now? Your hand. That treat.
Mama: Fine, here you go.
Olive: We both knew how this would end.
Mama: With a thank you?
Olive: You’re welcome.

Photo Hog

Mama: Woodrow, will you move? I’m trying to get a photo of Harley.
Woodrow: Oh, sorry. How’s that?
Mama: A little more to the left.
Woodrow: Can you see him now?
Mama: A little more…
Woodrow: Now?
Mama: Woodrow, move! You know you’re in the shot!
Woodrow: I can’t help it. The camera loves me.

handsome tabby cat

That Look

Mama: Sophie, what are you planning?
Sophie: What ever do you mean?
Mama: You have that look on your face.
Sophie: It’s my look of love.
Mama: No, you’re about to pounce on Olive.
Sophie: Exactly, I love pouncing on Olive.

smiling white cat with blue eyes

Bonus Friday Photo

Here’s Olive watching an Acro-Cat in training during the Cat Tales episode. Olive was fascinated with much of the show.

tortie cat watches gray cat on tv #acrocats

Have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Lessons, Burdens and More!

  1. Well I’ve never been “gifted” with a tootsie roll but I’ve got to admit I almost fell out of my chair giggling that YOU did! Creative gift-givers at your house! Poor Woodrow being “Valentine-rejected” by Harley – and Woodrow looked so spiffy in his tie too…..darn. Cat Tales would be my kind of program for sure – love those kinds of things. Have a happy weekend with the gang.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  2. Your cast of feline characters are so hilarious!
    I’ve seen the Nova “Cat Tales” a few times; it’s good!
    Have not yet caught the Netflix show, but it’s on my to do list.

  3. Sophie’s photo totally cracked me up! Haven’t seen either of those documentaries (thank you for sharing your thoughts about them!) I don’t have Netflix so can’t watch that one, would be inclined to watch the PBS one if it is repeated…(if I can ever pull myself away from QVC in the evening) MOL!

  4. Mudpie wants to know if Olive was eating a squeezie? And I want to know how Harley’s tootsie roll incident compared to the cockroach in the litter pan? MOL (I’ve seen Cat Tales and enjoyed it.)

  5. Sorry Woodrow didn’t have a valentine. No, I have not seen those documentaries. My tv antenna is real touchy when it comes to tuning in PBS. Like the old days I have to hold the antenna to make it work, but when I walk away, picture’s gone! Too much bother, but the infomercial channels come in perfectly all the time!!!

  6. I’ve seen the Nova, but not the other – I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads-up! You kitties are toooo funny this week! I adore you all, keep it coming.

  7. I haven’t seen either documentary- I will definitely skip the sad one. I would be your Valentine handsome Woodrow. Have a great week! XO

  8. Aww. Why didn’t you want to be Woodrow’s Valentine, Harley? And Sophie, that is an excellent way to spend a Caturday!

  9. MOL..that was some close television, Olive…did you still had a treatful mouthie…MOL…All your conversations are so awwdorable again. We don’t know the movies, CC, but when there’s sad in it, we better not watch…😸Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

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