Chatty Cats: Waiting, Hopeless and More!

Happy Friday! Can you believe it? No Dexter/Sophie snuggle photos this week! I wonder if they’re having a little spat. Here’s to hoping they make up soon so I can get more snuggle shots.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Waiting Woodrow

Woodrow: Why isn’t he home yet?
Mama: Cat dad will be here soon.
Woodrow: My internal clock says he’s late.
Mama: I think your internal clock is early.
Woodrow: Drat! My batteries must be low.
Mama: If your batteries are low, you’d be running late.
Woodrow: Oh, they must be running high.
Mama: ∗sigh∗ Right, Woodrow. They must be running high.

tabby cat waiting for human to come home

Here’s Woodrow waiting patiently for cat dad to get home from work today. Woodrow spends most of his time upstairs in my office each day, but he knows when it’s time to head down and wait for Ross right by the front door. Do your cats do this?

Poor Harley

Mama: Still feeling sorry for yourself?
Harley: Mama, I was soaking wet. Soaking!
Mama: That’s a bit of a stretch. And it was your fault for moving.
Harley: I’d eaten all of my tube treat, so fluid time should’ve been over.
Mama: You always finish your treat before we’re done.
Harley: Well, let this teach you that I should get two tube treats during fluids.
Mama: Or, let this teach you to stay put.
Harley: Lesson not learned, Mama! I do what I want!

Siamese cat with blue eyes

This handsome fella is feeling sorry for himself. During his sub-q fluids this morning (for his chronic kidney disease), Harley got a little excited and the needle popped out. He got a bit wet before I could shut off the fluids. This is the first time it’s happened since we started administering fluids several months ago. He’s usually very calm and easy to handle. I guess he just wanted to remind us who’s in charge.


Sophie: Mama, do you think I’ll ever find my purse?
Mama: Which one? Because the little one Lexy and Lola gave you is right behind you.
Sophie: Where?
Mama: Behind you.
Sophie: I looked there.
Mama: It’s right behind you!
Sophie: I don’t see it.
Mama: ∗sigh∗ No, I don’t think you’ll ever find your purse.
Sophie: Let’s look together, Mama. I need to find it before that chicken leg goes bad.

cute white cat


Mama: Can I put this blanket away?
Dexter: You may not.

tabby cat with long legs stretched out

Scat Fight

Harley: Pow!
Woodrow: Zing!
Harley: Bam!
Woodrow: Bop-a-rooni, a bee-bop-boop! Skwee-dee-du-wop!
Harley: …
Woodrow: What?

Not So Wordless

Olive: Mama, I’m not feeling very chatty today. How about we just post a #WordlessWednesday photo?
Mama: Okay, I’ll do that.
Olive: But be sure to tell everyone I say hello.
Mama: Then it won’t be wordless.
Olive: Maybe just wave at them?
Mama: Um, okay.
Olive: And tell them I love them. But no words, Mama!
Mama: Sure.
Olive: 👋❤️
Mama: 🤷‍♀️

beautiful tortie cat

Proud Pouch Kitty

Mama: What are you doing on the table?
Sophie: I’m celebrating! It’s Primordial Pouch Thursday!
Mama: Is that a thing?
Sophie: It is now! Come on, Mama. Let’s celebrate our pouches!
Mama: I don’t have a pouch!
Sophie: …
Mama: Well, at least not a primordial pouch.
#primordialpouchthursday #itsathingnow

white cat with primordial pouch

Bonus Friday Photos

This is how I know when it’s time for their evening snack. Woodrow was just out of view of the camera by Olive.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Waiting, Hopeless and More!

  1. Oh Harley sorry you had a little whoopsie when you were getting your fluids…..the impawtant thing is you DID get them AND your tube treat in the end. Sophie’s endless purse saga – purrrhaps she needs a “shoulder bag” so it’s on her all the time? HAHA Everyone else looks happy and comfy and prepared for the weekend. Never a dull moment.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Oh, Harley. You’re very lucky you have such a good, watchful mama! Some cats — I’m not saying who — might have had to lie in a puddle when their human forgot and the needle popped out. (I have a little giggle every time I remember that Harley is, technically, a “junior associate”.)

  3. guyz…how much iz de stairz toll ther !!!! :) & woodrow…..dood…dad iz late coz we can kleer lee see de clox readz 5 10 which iz 8 10 in trout towne time ore 10 10 across de big pond ore all reddy caturday down under…..

    ;) ♥♥

  4. Harley, your fluids just needed to come flying out at you, didn’t they. Those fluids have a mind of their own. Treat time is a staring contest in this household. Treats are given and everyone leaves me. Traitors!


  5. I used to wait by the door for Pop now I’m lucky I glance up from the igloo. White cats are kinda … dumb, aren’t they. MOL! TW used to have one. We don’t talk about her.

  6. Nice to see all you cuties. Sorry you got wet Harley. That is a great idea to give a treat during fluids- I wish we had thought of that when Prancie was getting them twice a day. Good job holding that blanket down Dexter. And Sophie- I love your pouch :) Have a great weekend! XO

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