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Chatty Cats: Piggies, Gotcha Day and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a week of celebrations here. First, we marked our 4th Blogoversary on Monday. And then on Wednesday, we celebrated Harley’s 2nd Gotcha Day! Obviously, we had massive parties to celebrate both occasions.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Lazy Friday

Mama: Dexter, are you going to get up and do anything today?
Dexter: Does it look like it?
Mama: Sophie, what about you?
Sophie: Blerg.

Piggy Woodrow

Woodrow: Help, Mama. Can’t move, starving…
Mama: Oh really? After you gorged yourself on Harley’s special diet food yesterday? Twice!!
Woodrow: It was DIET food, Mama! So I’m still hungry.
Mama: That’s not what special diet means.
Woodrow: I’m fading fast, Mama. Quick, get me a snack!

Yesterday, I opened a new bag of Harley’s prescription renal diet food, sealed it up and put it in the cupboard under another container of food. A few minutes later, I hear some noise downstairs. I go to the kitchen and Woodrow is inside the cupboard chowing down. He had opened the cupboard, knocked off the heavy container of food and chewed through the sealed bag. Sophie was sitting behind him, politely waiting her turn. Okay, my mistake. I put the food into some tupperware and put it up high in the pantry. Later, Ross and I come home from dinner and our senior dog doesn’t greet us at the door. I immediately worry that something is wrong with him. We find him in the pantry finishing off a sample bag of Harley’s food that Woodrow took from the same cupboard and chewed through, then spread the contents throughout the kitchen, sharing with all who cared to partake. Btw, Cat Grandpa’s comment after watching the cats last week while we were away – and I quote – “Woodrow is a little piggy.” So true, so true. 😹

Beauty Sleep

Olive: Let’s go night-night, Mama.
Mama: It’s a little early.
Olive: Two words, Mama. Beauty sleep.
Mama: You’re already beautiful.
Olive: I meant for you.
Mama: Ouch.
Olive: Just kidding.
Mama: Are you?
Olive: Yes…?
Mama: Good enough.

beautiful tortie cat

Bored Cat

Sophie: I’m bored, Mama.
Mama: Go get a toy.
Sophie: …
Mama: Sophie?
Sophie: I’m also lazy.

bored white cat

Hide and Seek (Woodrow-style)

Mama: What are you doing in the closet?
Woodrow: Hiding.
Mama: Why?
Woodrow: We’re playing hide and seek, Mama!
Mama: Did you forget to tell me we’re playing again?
Woodrow: Um…
Mama: How long have you been hiding?
Woodrow: Not long. ∗whispering∗ Maybe like 5 hours.

tabby cat sitting in closet

Happy Gotcha Day!

Mama: Harley, guess what today is!
Harley: Wednesday.
Mama: Right, but what else?
Harley: January 22nd.
Mama: Right, and…?
Harley: I don’t know.
Mama: It’s your 2nd Gotcha Day!
Harley: Wha?!? Where’s the party? Where’s my cake? Where’s my present?
Mama: Uh, how about a hug?
Harley: I’m pretty sure the 2nd Gotcha Day present is tuna, not hugs.
#HappyGotchaDay #HappyAdoptaversary

siamese cat with tongue out

Tummy Rubs

Mama: Are you asking for a tummy rub?
Dexter: Does it look like it?
Mama: I’m not sure. That’s why I’m asking.
Dexter: I’m not sure either. I have no control over my tummy.
Mama: So, proceed with caution?
Dexter: Yes, the tummy will decide once activated.

tabby cat showing tummy

Olive is our only cat who LOVES tummy rubs. Sophie and Woodrow allow tummy rubs, but Olive asks for them. Harley is a big nope. Dexter is pretty much as described above, it depends on his mood. Does your cat like tummy rubs?

Bonus Friday Photo

Another Sophie/Dexter cuddle shot. Sophie says cuddling is so tiring.

white cat yawning

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh a totally adorable “crop” of photos from this week. Tummy rubs are a little “iffy” here – Teddy loves it to a point but I never know where the point is so I proceed with caution. Your crew would make a great bunch of “Black Ops” kitties since they can find forbidden food no matter HOW you hide it !! Glad you had two celebrations this week – fun.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Happy Blogoversary AND Happy Gotcha Day to Harley! Woodrow and Ellie share DNA. That’s the only explanation as to why they are so similar (and annoy their siblings … well, except for Eddie who ate Harley’s renal diet food courtesy of Woodrow).

  3. Happy 4th Blogoversary!
    Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Harley!

    You’re all so hilarious this week – keep it coming gang, we love to laugh!

  4. Happy 4th Blogoversary!
    Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Harley!
    You’re all hilarious this week, keep it up gang, we love a good giggle!

  5. olive; “yes ? “…..dinna sound two convincin !!! anda most happee gotcha day two ewe harley; heerz ta pizza piez healtheez N happeez, gettin in trubull, N joyin de day & heerz two 900 mor !! :) ♥♥

  6. Happy Blogoversary AND Happy Gotcha Day to Harley!!! What a wonderful week of full of celebrations. We hope you all have a fantastic upcoming weekend. The Sophie and Dexter bonus photo was just too cute. Thanks for the pawsome share.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Harley! And Happy Blogoversary to you all! I love the photo that shows off Sophie’s gorgeous blue eyes. And Woodrow I am impressed at the lengths you went to for that food.

  8. Happy Blogoversary! I am so happy to have found you! Your blog is so sweet and funny. I love the Mama conversations and the adorable pictures of the Chatty Cats. Thank you for sharing a little bit of them with us. A Happy Gotcha Day to Blue Eyes Harley♥ Sophie and Dexter cuddles… great bonus. Love the ongoing story of the purse… that whole thing has a life of its own!

  9. Which renal food do you use (brand & flavor, if applicable)? We got a lot of bad news about AdamCat this week and part of his care will be renal food. I’m encouraged by your cats stealing whichever brand you’re using!!

    1. I just found this comment in spam. 😁 Btw, Woodrow is such a piggy that he even tries to eat the dog’s food. So, I don’t think using him as a judge is very good. 😹

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Harley! Mom and Dad, it sounds like you need to put some baby locks on those cabinets. MOL!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Harley ! And Happy Blogoversary to you all ! We’re with you, Woodrow, diet food sounds like no food ; we’re impressed by your perseverance to get food, MOL ! Purrs

  12. Had to come over on a pc as the mobile site doesn’t like to process my wp login.
    What renal food are you using? AdamCat just got a very bad health update and part of his palliative care will be prescription renal food. I’d like to get something that is already kitty-endorsed!!

    1. Royal Canin Renal “D” (wet food) and Renal “A” for dry. When he is being fussy, I give him Royal Canin Aging wet instead of Renal D. I tried Purina Pro Plan NF Kidney, but Harley didn’t like it. My vet gives out a Royal Canin sample pack for kidney diet that contains 4 kinds of wet and 2 or 3 dry. Perhaps your vet also has that? I hope you’re able to find something he likes!

      1. Thank you! My vet didn’t have samples. She prescribed Royal Canin Renal wet and/or dry. I’ll probably order everything… the other kitties will eat anything Adam rejects. I appreciate your help!

  13. MOL MOL It seems that they already have pawtied on their own…MOL…You all look fantastic and Here’s some Extra Pawkisses for a Happy Gotcha Day to you, sweet Harley and Four More for a Happy Blogoversary🎉🎉🎉 🐾😽💞