Chatty Cats: Bloopers, Resolutions and More!

Happy Friday! With the holidays behind us, things are slowly returning to normal. Ross went back to work yesterday after two weeks off (he works for a university), and the house is now its boring self (holiday decorations put away). We have a very quick trip planned at the end of next week. And then after that, we’ll be back into the full swing of normalness. Well, you know what I mean. How about you? Have you settled into the new year already?

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Selfie Bloopers

Mama: Woodrow, have you seen my phone?
Woodrow: 📸📸📸
Mama: Woodrow?
Woodrow: 📸📸
Mama: Hand it over.
Woodrow: Done! Nailed it!
#fridaybloopers #selfiefun

The Seach Continues…

Sophie: Well, Mama. I’ve searched and searched this new tunnel thingy.
Mama: And…?
Sophie: No sign of my purse. Are you sure Santa didn’t bring me a new one?
Mama: He said you’d lose it.
Sophie: Why does everyone think I’ve lost my purse? It’s just temporarily not in my possession.
Mama: How temporarily?
Sophie: TBD, Mama.

Pretty Ladies

Mama: Hey, pretty lady.
Olive: Are you talking to me?
Mama: Yes.
Olive: Oh, because I thought I heard you say the same to Sophie earlier.
Mama: I did.
Olive: You seem to throw that term around loosely.
Mama: Sophie is pretty too.
Olive: I know. I was referring to the word lady.
Mama: Zing!
Olive: ∗giggles∗

beautiful tortie cat

Privacy Requested

Mama: 📸
Dexter: Come on, Mama. A little privacy?
Mama: Sorry.
Dexter: Delete that photo.
Mama: Post that photo? Oh, okay, if you insist.

grumpy tabby cat grooming

New Year’s Resolutions

Mama: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions, Sophie?
Sophie: I resolve to be carried everywhere.
Mama: That’s not very realistic.
Sophie: She says to me as I’m being carried around. Don’t you know that Cat Dad will do anything I ask?
Mama: You’ve trained him well.
Sophie: No, it’s called love, Mama. Now, off to the food dish, human! Thataway!
#SophiesUber #HappyNewYear

blue eyed, white cat being carried around

Happy New Year!

May your 2020 be as beautiful as this boy. ❤️ Dexter started off the new year playing with a forgotten toy while I cleaned out my office. All in all, a productive day. Happy New Year!

The Line

Harley: I think it’s treat time.
Mama: Okay
Harley: And then pets.
Mama: Okay.
Harley: And then treats again.
Mama: You’re pushing it, Harley.
Harley: Just seeing where the line is.
Mama: You found it.
Harley: Or did I?
#findingtheline #ignoringit

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes

Bonus Friday Video

I was looking at photos on my phone and came across these two Sophie videos. I thought they were cute. The audio is from the video on the left (from November) while kneading on Ross. The right one, she’s kneading in a chair – shot in December.

Have a great weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Bloopers, Resolutions and More!

  1. Sophie is very “kneady” (haha). I love when cats do that – Teddy is big on that as well. Looks like the cats have adjusted to a new year and are enjoying new toys. Poor Sophie – I think she needs a backpack purse – she can’t lose that!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

  2. Today we will take down the last of the inside decorations. The outside ones were taken down yesterday because of bad weather predictions. Today traffic was normal again. We have one more party on Saturday then the holidays are officially over. Countdown to spring.

  3. i am so glad the holidays are more or less officially over.. Fireworks on NYE had the kitties scurrying for cover. any cover. but they are doing ok now

  4. We’re glad things are back to normal for you. Those are all beautiful photos, and your selfies are terrific, Woodrow ! Purrs

  5. Getting back to normal is boring! We need to keep the fun and action going around here. Our wrapping paper is almost all thrown out after we shredded it all. Still plenty of food left to sample though. Things do tend to get lost easily. I think you whould look beneath the furniture where everything gets stored! Happy New Year!

  6. The holidays are over, decorations down (except for two Christmas cards that arrived late and I am still enjoying). Monday will hit hard with all my clients back to work with THEIR new year’s resolutions to arrive on my desk :) Wishing you a wonderous last few days of non-normalcy ;)

  7. From Harley pushing the line, to Sophie’s biscuits, to Woodrow’s selfies! He actually looks like he’s putting on his best duck face impression. MOL Love them all! Happy New Year!

  8. MOL…you’re an excellent kneader, Sophie, that chair must love you…or vice versa…MOL..You all start the New Year with so much cuteness again, that I can’t hardly wait for the next serie of pictures of you all😸Pawkisses for a Happy ordinary Tuesday🐾😽💞

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