Chatty Cats: Christmas, Dexter Claus and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a nice holiday at home – just the two humans, five cats and one dog. After traveling for Thanksgiving, it’s nice to have a quiet holiday at home. If you celebrated, how did you spend Christmas?

Here’s what the cats were up to this holiday week!

Stocking Guard

Mama: What are you doing up there?
Sophie: Guarding my stocking.
Mama: But it’s empty.
Sophie: Olive keeps trying to put coal in it.
Mama: Where would she get coal from?
Sophie: She said it’s from the litter box.
Mama: That’s not coal, Sophie.
Sophie: Oh, good. Should I let her put it in my stocking then?

white cat guards Christmas stockings

Toastying Santa

Mama: Why are you wearing a scarf?
Woodrow: It’s cold right here.
Mama: Go upstairs where it’s warmer.
Woodrow: Can’t, I’m still on Santa watch. Maybe we can light a fire in the fireplace while I wait.
Mama: Maybe…but how about a blanket instead?

handsome holiday tabby cat in Christmas scarf

Early to Bed

Harley wishes everyone a good ‪Sunday night‬! He’s off to bed early for his beauty sleep. #turninginearly

handsome Siamese cat at bedtime

A Boopy at the Vet

Olive emerges from her carrier for a boop from Cat Dad. She went in for her annual wellness exam today. She gained a slight bit of weight, which we’re happy about because she’s so tiny. She cooperated during her exam (she’s been known not to) and was very happy to go home.

tortie cat at vet's office #noseboop #boop

Head Start

Sophie: Mama, there’s only one more sleep until Christmas!
Mama: Woohoo!
Sophie: If I go to sleep now, will it come faster?
Mama: I guess so, but it’s not even dark outside yet. And you’ll miss dinner.
Sophie: …
Mama: Which is more important? Christmas or dinner?
Sophie: 💤

white cat snoozing

Dexter Claus

Santa Claws visited last night!! He insisted on some chin scritches before heading back out into the night. Did he stop by your house too?

Merry Christmas from the Three Chatty Cats (Dexter, Olive, Sophie) and the Jr. Associates (Woodrow, Harley) and Cat Mama (Rachel)! We wish you a warm and happy holiday! We love putting a smile on your face each day and look forward to a wonderful New Year with all of you!


When you have to work the day after Christmas, but that’s okay because your co-worker looks like this. (I keep the shelf next to my computer monitor empty because Harley likes to supervise my work.)

handsome Siamese cat

Bonus Friday Video

Isn’t the wrapping always the best part of presents for cats?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Christmas, Dexter Claus and More!

  1. Ho Ho Ho! Looks like a happy Christmas for everyone at your house. Glad to hear Olive had her checkup and is fine – and I’m sure there was way more than coal in those kitty stockings on the mantel. Hope Santa Paws was extra good to all of you. Thanks for all the smiles – here’s to many more in the new year!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Everyone is so sweet today! Well, the lump in the stocking wasn’t the sweetest part, but it made me laugh so that’s OK! Glad everyone had a pawsome holiday, enjoy!

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