Chatty Cats: Presents, Vet Visits and More!

Happy Friday! We had an unplanned vet visit with Dexter this week. You can read about it below, but the test results came back with pancreatitis. Hopefully, it’s just a mild case and won’t turn into chronic pancreatitis. He’s been fine since returning from the vet on Monday, so that’s good!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Holiday Tortie

Pretty holiday tortie! See that bell on the tree? I place them on the lower branches so I can hear when the cats are saying hello to the tree. Do you have any holiday tree hacks? #lifewithcats

beautiful tortie in front of Christmas tree

Snack Time(?)

Harley: Excuse me, Mama. Did you say it’s snack time?
Mama: No, I said it’s nap time.
Harley: Snack time, got it.
Mama: Nap time!
Harley: Right! Snack time.
Mama: Nap time.
Harley: I don’t know why you keep repeating me. SNACK. TIME. We’re agreed!

handsome siamese cat with blue eyes


Woodrow: ∗gasp∗ Are these all for me, Mama?
Sophie: No, I’m pretty sure these all say for Sophie.
#presentwrappingday #adoptafamily #friendlycenter

surprised tabby cat in front of Christmas presents white cat sniffing Christmas presents

The cats will be sad when all of the presents leave the house tomorrow, off to be delivered to a local family in need. But don’t worry, I’m sure Santa won’t forget about the cats. 🎁🎄

Um, No Thanks

Mama: You coming out?
Dexter: Yeah, that’s a hard pass.
Mama: You sure?
Dexter: Well, maybe just a peek. ∗peek∗
Mama: Whatcha think?
Dexter: Please refer to my first answer. Now, zip me up and let’s go home!

tabby cat doesn't want to come out of carrier at vet office

We had an unplanned vet visit first thing this morning. Dexter has been vomiting for the last 24 hours (picture the movie The Exorcist). Hopefully, it’s just a bug. Nothing obvious at the vet. They gave him something to settle his tummy, fluids for dehydration and anti-nausea meds. We also did some blood work and will have results tomorrow. Since he’s been home, he’s eaten twice and kept it down. Right now he’s curled up in his bed and napping on this cold and windy day.


Volume up! 🔊 Sophie brought me Eddie’s sweater (our dog). I think she’s telling me it stinks and to wash it. At the end, she’s saying “gross”. 😹

Comfy Tabby

Mama: ‘Scuse me, you’re in my spot.
Dexter: It’s so cozy.
Mama: Yeah, I’d like to be cozy there.
Dexter: You’re really missing out, Mama. I can’t believe how comfy this spot is.
Mama: I’ll be back in 10 minutes. My spot better be there.
Dexter: Your spot will be here, but so will I!

tabby cat cozy in chair

Thank you for all the well wishes for Dexter and his trip to the vet on Monday. The test results came back with pancreatitis. Since returning from the vet, though, he’s had no more vomiting and is eating well. So hopefully, it’s just a mild case and won’t turn into chronic pancreatitis. For now, we’re monitoring him (and letting him sit wherever he wants to, of course).

Box Lover

Olive: Mama, would you look at that?
Mama: What’s wrong now?
Olive: The delivery guy. He’s going to the wrong house! That looks like the box I ordered.
Mama: How can you tell what’s in the box?
Olive: Who cares? It’s the box I want.
Mama: Oh, right.
Olive: Look at how perfect it is! Exact right angles, no damage, structurally sound. I need that box, Mama!

pretty tortie cat

Bonus Friday Photo

“Okay, who’s next? Come on up!”

Oliver the office cat

This is Oliver the office cat at the vet. He’s so helpful with checking in clients.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Presents, Vet Visits and More!

  1. We are sending POTO to Dexter – pancreatitis is not fun we hear (!) but we’re happy to find out he’s feeling better. Otherwise all the kitties look READY for the holiday even if they may have a bit of a problem giving up some of those boxes under the tree for the needy family. We hope you all have a FABULOUS holiday full of fun, good food, healthy kitties and lots of love…………..

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. I am glad Dexter is feeling better and hope he continues to improve.
    I used to put little jingly bells around the bottom of the tree for the boys to play with along with some other unbreakables. Of course I still found baubles from higher up had been brought down to play with.

  3. How delightful that you help out a family during the holiday. The cat hair stuck in the wrapping paper tape is always an extra bonus…at least, that’s what I tell everyone…*wink*

  4. We are purring that Dexter is just having a little bit of something and will be as good as new. Sophie is so cute and what a talker. We love all your photos and thanks as always for sharing your fun family with us

  5. I am glad Dexter is feeling better and hope he does not have a recurrence. I am sure Sophie is not going to get all the cat presents, and she will be willing to share with everybody. Snacks do make for a good restful nap afterwards! 😺

  6. Good news for Dexter, whew! I love your tree hack, mine is I no longer put up a tree – MOL! Everyone is sooooo cute this week – Happy Holidays Chatty Cats, Mom & Dad.

  7. What festive holiday photos! And we’re sorry to hear Dexter had to go to the vet. We know pancreatitis all too well around here…so we purr Dexter recovers and doesn’t have any more issues.

  8. I’m sorry to hear Dexter has pancreatitis, but it could’ve been worse. I just read on the net that you can live with pancreatitis. It’s not like cancer. Get better soon, Dexter.

    So now the cats are fighting over the cozy spots? Maybe they’ll start fighting over the boxes they love so much, too.

  9. I put bells on our tree for the same reason too. I hope Dexter is better soon. Merry Christmas to you all. XO

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