Chatty Cats: Lap Wars, Double Dares and More!

Happy Friday (the 13th)! For some reason, it’s felt like a long week and I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend. Although, it will probably be busy with holiday shopping…and hopefully some cat cuddling!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Short-Armed Selfie

Sophie: Mama, have you seen my selfie stick?
Mama: You don’t have a selfie stick.
Sophie: Mama, can I get a selfie stick?
Mama: Why?
Sophie: THIS! My arms are too short and my face looks huge.
Mama: I think you look cute.
Sophie: Says the human with long arms and perfect selfie-taking abilities. I need a selfie stick!
Mama: You’ll just lose it.
Sophie: How dare you, Mama.

white cat takes selfie

Mr. Grumpy

Caturday grumpies with Dexter.

grumpy tabby cat

The Choice

Mama: Why are you staring at your food bowl? It’s not empty.
Olive: But it’s so far away.
Mama: Three feet?
Olive: That’s three human feet. It’s like 236 paws away.
Mama: Are you asking me to bring your food bowl to you?
Olive: Or you could carry me to my bowl. The choice is yours. And Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Olive: Choose wisely.
#whatdoesthatmean #thepressure

beautiful tortie cat

Lap Wars

Harley: Woodrow, it’s MY turn on Mama’s lap.
Woodrow: I just got comfy.
Harley: You’ve been there for an hour!
Woodrow: But Mama was moving and she only just settled. Her lap really isn’t that comfy.
Mama: Hey!
Woodrow: Shhh, Mama. I’m just puttin’ him on.
Harley: I heard that.
Woodrow: Shhh, Harley. I’m just making her feel better.
Mama: Oh thanks, I feel so much better.
Harley: And I still need a lap!

Siamese cat wants lap

Don’t Means Do

Mama: Sophie, don’t touch the ornament.
Sophie: Do you dare me?
Mama: I said DON’T touch it.
Sophie: Do you double dare me?
Mama: No! I do not double dare you to touch the ornament.
Sophie: Dare accepted!

white cat stares at Christmas ornament

white cat attacks Christmas ornament

Santa Watch 2019

Woodrow: Mama, what is everyone doing upstairs? It sounds like they’re having fun without me.
Mama: Go join them.
Woodrow: I can’t. I’m on Santa watch. Dexter nominated me for all shifts.
Mama: I think he’s messing with you. Christmas isn’t for another two weeks.
Woodrow: Exactly! He could be here any moment.
Mama: Woodrow, I’m not sure you know what “week” means.
Woodrow: Nope!
#santawatch #thelovabledumdum

tabby cat is on Santa watch in front of Christmas tree


They love each other so much. ❤

white cat and tabby cat snuggling

white cat and tabby cat snuggling

Bonus Friday Photos

Remember that new, comfy chair and a half I bought? All five cats enjoy it, but when four are enjoying it at one time, there’s no room for me! Here’s Woodrow, Olive, Dexter and Sophie.

four cats in a chair

And here’s Sophie, Dexter, Harley and Olive. I’m squeezed all the way to the left here. But at least I’m on the chair!

four cats in a chair

Have a wonderful weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Lap Wars, Double Dares and More!

  1. Love the chair and a half pix – I just bet you knew this is how it would turn out when you bought yourself this nice big chair for relaxing…..the cats DO look like they’re relaxing nicely but somehow I think you hoped to figure in there somewhere other than a slim corner!! HAHA Great conversations and pix – Santa Paws will keep the magic going around there soon enough!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. dood !! we think week iz like a few hourz shy oh 27 dayz but we could bee wrong; ewe mite haza long wait !!

    N we wood like ta wish ewe all a merree christmas and a soooper grate 2020; we R offline til then ~~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  3. Sophie does need a selfie stick as her face IS too big! Food should be delivered to within reach of the cat’s TONGUE! Ornaments require constant adjustment due to the WIND moving them out of their proper place! Lap times should be Scheduled! Snuggling is the BEST!

  4. Sophie, no selfie stick needed- you look cute even close up. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Only one more week of being good for Santa :) XO

  5. You guys always make us smile! Sophie, we hope you get a selfie stick from santa. Though Mom is right … you look cute!

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